Monday, October 22, 2012

HSU Homecoming!! Go Cowboys!

Last Saturday was HSU Homecoming!  We had so much fun!  One reason why I love homecoming is because of my kids.  They absolutely love going to Hardin-Simmons Homecoming and this year was no different!  
Hunter was excited to ride the horses. 

Okay and I have to say the second reason why I love HSU Homecoming is my amazing cheerleaders!  I love that they work with the kids all morning long!  They are so much fun!  I am so glad all the kids get a chance to meet them. 

Maggie has been asking when she would get to see the 6 While Horses!  Every spring they come out to Beltway and give the kids a ride.  She has been asking ever since the first day of school when they were coming back.  She loves them! 

Don't forget about the bounce houses!  Everyone loves them! 

Love this cheerleader!  By the way it is tradition to get a picture with Kelsey at Kids Posse! 

Hunter's BFF!!!  

Sweet Logan shows everyone how to ride a horse!  He is a pro! :) 

Archer was excited to ride a horse, too! 

Of course after Kids Posse it's time for the game!  Go Cowboys!! 

Love this team!!!

The "Will Fall" aka wolf wall! :) 

Hunter finally got to take a picture with a real football player!  Thanks Ryan!  We miss you, by the way! :) 

Maggie got to cheer during the fourth quarter!  She is yelling H-S H-S U-U! 

Even I got to stunt a little with the alumni!  I think this picture is really awesome because that is me and my amazing HSU Cheer coach, Stevanie at the top!  So cool!  

Over all, a super great fun weekend!  GO COWBOYS!!! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Flu Shots... Never a fun thing :(

So this past Wednesday was Archer's 1 year and Maggie's 3 year well check doctor appointment... Oh and the day all 3 would be getting their dreaded flu shot.

First on to the check ups... Archer looks right on track weighing in at 24 pounds! He is in the 65% for his weight and 50% for his height. Dr. Wiley said he is doing great and looks good! :) Maggie weighs a big 25 pounds and is around the 5%. She's our tiny baby, but he said she is perfectly healthy and is doing great!

Now onto the shots... I'm just so glad Ben made it to the office just as the nurse was walking in!!! It's one thing to take 3 to the doctor without shots, but 3 with shots is a different story. Hunter had to wear his Colt McCoy jersey so he could be brave. He did really well and only cried a little bit. Maggie, on the other hand was super loud and Ben had to hold her down. Poor baby!!! Archer had to not only get his flu shot but also his 12 month shots. No fun!!!! But we all survived and hopefully we will all stay healthy this fall and winter!! Here's a pic before all the drama! I'm sure the office was glad when they saw us leave. Lol

Friday, October 5, 2012


It's my favorite day of the week, FRIDAY!!!  WooHoo!!

InstaFriday is a little different this week.  All my pictures are totally out of order... like completely out of order.  So sorry!  We need to clean off our hard drive so we have more room for pictures.  Anyway... Here's a peek at our week! 

Totally doing this... #41milesinoctober  Yes, by November 1st I will have ran at least 41 miles!  
Sweet visit with a great friend!  Such a sweet surprise! 
Finally made my 1st batch of pumpkin bread!!! (made with whole wheat flour and greek yogurt instead of oil... texture was a little different, but taste was great!!)
What to do to end a great weekend... Glow Sticks in the bathtub!  Sunday night fun :) 
Still wet from Saturday's game... seriously!  But my squad looked awesome in their rain boots! 
Zoo day on Wednesday!  Loved riding the train!! Choo Choo! 
Great friends... picnic at the park on a week day = awesome!!! Must do it again soon!!!
My baby boy is getting so big!  He now has his own art board to display all his masterpieces in the playroom.  They grow way to fast!!
My amazing squad after a very wet, but winning football game!  Go Cowboys! 
Another Monday at the gym!  Future Olympian in the making! 
A game of Candy Land with my fav 5 yr old!!  LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!
Just another practice... getting ready for Homecoming next week!  Check out those abs! :) lol 

Busy, busy weekend ahead for the Jennings family!  We are loving the fall weather and are hoping to go to the pumpkin patch this weekend!  WooHoo!  Happy Fall Y'all!! 

life rearranged

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Zoo morning!

What a beautiful fall day to go to the Zoo!! Everyone was a little sad after the Hay boys left this morning, so we loaded up and headed out!  
Look who was awake!!  I knew it was gonna be a great day!!
We even road the train! Yay! Archer was so excited!! He has been on it before, but he knew what was going on this time.  He loved it!!! :) 

So blessed!!!  So happy to spend time with my 3 munchkins!  Love them so so much!!!