Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yummy! Yum!!

Look who's eating baby food now!!!

Since Archer turned 6 months on Friday, Saturday we had a picnic in the back yard and he got to eat something other than milk!  

What's on the menu for today...
Sweet Potatoes 

He also liked eating his bib

Our cute baby boy!!!! 

He did pretty good eating.  We think he likes it! 

Archer, you are such a blessing!!  We love you so much, little guy! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

6 MONTHS!!!!

It's hard for me to believe my sweet baby boy is 6 months old!!!  He is growing way to fast!!!

What is he doing now?
Sitting up, playing with toys, watching his Bubba and Sister, plays in the exersaucer, pulls Kiddo's fur, takes a bath in the bubbo with Hunter and Maggie, still wears size 3 diapers (could move to 4 soon), loves being outside, still likes playing with his toes, has 1 tooth (bottom), gives the best hugs, plays with mama's hair, can roll all over the place, loves playing with Hunter and Mags!

Showing off his dino hat!  

We are so blessed!!!  Archer is such a good baby!  He is so sweet and laid back.  He is happy most of the time.  He smiles a lot.  We love him so much!!   Maggie is always asking where he is and Hunter checks on him first thing in the morning.  I can't imagine life without him!  

Happy 6 months Birthday, Archer!!!  We love you so much!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fighting Irish!

Well Spring has sprung and so has baseball season!!  Hunter was so excited to have his first practice this week.  

We found out that his team is the Fright Irish!  He is excited because it says "fighting" in his team name.  :)  He had a great first day of practice on Tuesday.  I am really excited to see how this season compares to last season.  I do have to say, I REALLY miss our friends from last season!  Hunter doesn't know anyone on his team this year.  We miss Wyatt and Emma!

Ben is the assistant coach this year.  I am so glad he is going to be out there helping.  I'm not so sure about some of the adults helping with his team this year... this might be interesting.  (more on that later)  He has baseball practice again tonight!  Go Fighting Irish!!!! :)

ps... don't you think he looks just like my dad in the picture above!?! :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

1 Fish, 2 Fish...

Lots of fishing going on today at Coach and Honey's house!  We started out with Maggie.  She knew that I went with Coach and Hunter fishing on Thursday and so wanted to go every time we talked about it.  This morning Daddy and I took her while Hunter was gone with Coach getting his hair cut.
Maggie was so excited!

She wanted to do it all herself.  :) She didn't last to long. 

She decided to go back up to the house to drive the gator while Hunter wasn't around.  She was so cute!!  She had a hard time reaching the gas.

After lunch, Archer got some Honey time while Maggie napped and Coach, Daddy, Hunter and I went fishing, again. 

Hunter loved throwing back the fish!  His thumb was raw from all the fish and he told us he needed a band aid when we got home. :)  So cute!  He is all boys!! 

Then Coach taught him how to cast!!!  He got the fish below all by himself!!!  

Coach put a little spinner bait on his line and he casted it out, reeled it in and everything.  We were so proud and Hunter was so excited!!  All he wanted to do since he heard we were going to Coach's house was fish!  We did a lot of that today and hope to go out again tomorrow!  

Here he is showing you how to cast!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Insta-Friday :)

What a great week!!!  Lots of pictures of cute kids... normally our weeks aren't this much fun, but it's SPRING BREAK!  Yay!  So here ya go...

Monday kicked off Spring Break with a lunch date at the zoo with Daddy! 

Look who came out to say hello!  Albert!!  We have been checking each week to see if he was out yet and Monday he was!!  Happy Spring! 
While I was packing on Tuesday this little lady was playing with her babies!  Orange juice for a baby?!?!  Why not! :)  Tuesday afternoon we headed to Coach and Honey's house! 
And look who I got to sleep with. :)  
I came into the living room the next morning to find this...
What do you think?  Too close to the tv???  :)

Wednesday, Maggie got her first haircut!  Yay!  She did so good!  She just sat there and ate a lolly pop! 
We did lots of playing outside on Wednesday!  This little guy used the brush guard from his gator to hunt birds.  :)
Thursday was Zoo Day!  It was also Frank Buck's Birthday so there was a big celebration going on at the Gainesville zoo.  Hunter ran up to meet this guy first. 

Next up it was time to pet a snake.  Yuck!  Even Maggie touched it! 

After the zoo and while the kids were napping, I made their Saint Patty's Day shirts!  Don't forget to wear your green tomorrow!
We ended our Thursday with some fishin!  Hunter had been wanting to go fishing all week!  He was so excited!  We are headed back out tomorrow for more fishing fun! 

Today we stopped by this place for some lunch!  I LOVE Panera!!!  Why don't we have one of these in Abilene??  So good!  Yum! 
Then we got to see Grammy Great!  It was so good to see her and Aunt Marnie, Holly, Aunt Sarah, Kara and baby Zoe!  We had a great afternoon! 

After some family time we went to my favorite kids shop, Gymboree!  And picked up this cute dino hat for my Archer-man!  
Then they slept all the way home!!  Archer slept, too I just couldn't get him in the picture.  We are all worn out, but excited about what tomorrow is going to bring!  Daddy made it to Gainesville this evening, so we'll be fishin in the morning!  

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Everyone! 

Oh and you should join the fun and link up with Life Rearranged for Insta-Fridays!  It's fun! :)

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Monday, March 12, 2012

He's back!!!!!!

Hunter would like to announce...
Albert is BACK!!!!!

Saying hello to Albert!

Daddy met us at the zoo for a picnic lunch to kick off our spring break!

Then we walked around to say hi to all the animals!  What a beautiful, warm day to spend at the zoo with the people we love!  Thanks for joining us, Daddy!!!

PS... we always go to the zoo during spring break.  Last year we went here.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


hunter and maggie both were helping me unload bags from target and united when hunter pulled out this...

hunter:  mom, what is this???
me:  onesies for archer!
hunter:  don't you mean fivesies?  there is a 5 on it!!

love that big big! :)


so one of my most favorite blogs, Joy's Hope, does this insta-friday thing every friday.  it's really just a look into their life for that week.  so i thought that might be fun!  i am in love with my insta-gram app on my phone so... hey why not!!?!

well we started off the week in shorts... as you can see.  by the way, we are in desperate need for spring clothes!  like seriously... maggie has only 2 pairs of shorts!! 

loving picnics outside with this boy!  strawberry anyone??

happy, happy boy!

 we love mornings with this sweet boy!  waking up to some "bites" and a little pirates! (jake and the neverland pirates, that is)

the crew!  me looking rough, but loving being with these 4 kids!  (maggie is hiding behind sweet logan)  all are in their pj's!  so sweet! 

something tells me we not ready to potty train yet...

park in the morning... momma running with the big kids in the afternoon. (i forgot how much harder it is to push 2 big kids in the stroller and not just one sweet baby!  i think i burned 2x the calories!)

worn out from playing on his tummy time mat! 

after a good day at school, this sweet thing got to get a special drink from the sonic and got to pick out rapunzel to watch. yay maggie moe! 

play-doh anyone???  more time with sweet logan!  when he left today, maggie was so upset!  she loves her logan!

hooray for the weekend and spring break!!  
and if you need a blog to check out you should so go look at Joy's Hope!  

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