Friday, February 28, 2014

Insta-Friday :)

It's my favorite day of the week... FRIDAY!!  
Here's a quick peek at our week! :) 

Ben had to work all day Saturday so a trip to the gym was a must. 

Snacks must be eaten outside when it's beautiful and almost 60 degrees! 

Baking cookies with my Archer-boy on Sunday. 

On cold mornings Hunter wraps himself in his blanket just like his Uncle David. 

Dancing and singing 'Let it Go' at Ballet Monday! 

I pulled this out of Hunter's backpack.  I love his heart for the Lord.  
It was Vermillion Spirit Night at Chick-Fil-A and this boy was super, super excited to eat dinner and spin the prize wheel on Tuesday! 

Wednesday we were all very surprised to wake up with a little dusting of snow!  Thank goodness it was just a dusting!!! 

I'm still running!  Keri would be so proud... I'm starting to really like the treadmill! :)  

Who's ready for Crazy hair night at AWANA??  These 3!!! :) 

Fun morning of games and puzzles on Thursday! 

Just me and Bela... throw back Thursday!  Getting ready for the American Cup coming up this weekend! 

Hello weekend!! 

Have a great weekend, y'all! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Date Day February

Since it's almost March, I thought I better blog about our kids date this month.  
Ben and I have decided that we are going to each kid to do something special with one of us at least one day a month.  For February it was Hunter and Daddy's turn!  So what did Ben do fun with Hunter?  He took him to see...
I don't know who was more excited!  They went opening weekend, I'm just super late at posting this. 
This was the week we had all the snow.  Hunter was so excited to get out with his Daddy on Saturday.  

Hunter in his 3D glasses.  
They LOVED the movie!  LOVE it!  Hunter is constantly  singing, "Everything is awesome".  I have heard it over and over again! :)  Love that boy!   

They were greeted by a lego man when leaving the theater.  Ben said there is a lego club or something here in Wichita.  They had a table set up at the theater and Hunter really liked meeting this lego. :) 

So that was Hunter's date day with Daddy for February.  I am so glad they got to spend some special time together.  

Archer gets March and I think I need to be the one to take him out.  Now just what should we do??  Hum maybe the park or the pool, we'll see... :) 

Have you seen the Lego Movie??  

Friday, February 21, 2014


Hooray for Friday!!!! 

It's been a weird week around here.  Hunter only had school on Monday and Tuesday.  No, we did not have snow... it was teacher conference time.  Here in Kansas the kids get a day or two off for parent teacher conferences.  Kind of weird, huh?!  
We were so happy to have him home!! :) Here is a little peek at our week... 

We went to church on Saturday night so we could have a picnic lunch at the zoo on Sunday!  It was beautiful outside!  We had so much fun! 

Happy Ballet Monday! 
We love our little ballerina! 

Tuesday morning we did a little Frozen floor painting.  

Wednesday night was crazy... I had to take Maggie to a birthday party.  Ben took the boys to AWANA.  Then we met at Hunter's school to visit with his teacher.  After our meeting we split up again to pick up the kids.  We ending our evening with books!  Love my big boys! 

Maggie must have gotten up in the middle of the night to tuck in her princesses on Wednesday night!  I came in to check on her on Thursday morning to this... :) Love her! 

You know you're not in Texas anymore when Maggie comes home from school with a note asking to send "pop".  It's Coke, people! :)  

Thursday afternoon we had a lot of fun playing!  We played lots of games, a little hide-n-seek, painted, road plasma cars and watched Archer's favorite movie, Wreck it Ralph!  So much fun!! 

Watching a little Disney Junior before we head to church for MAPS.  I love Fridays!! 

Have a great weekend, y'all!! 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day Parties!

Thursday was Valentine Party day at this house!  
We started off with Hunter's party.  Yay!  

This was his Valentine he gave to all of his friends this year.  I think it turned out super cute!  Ben saw the idea and made it happen!  I think they were a hit! :) 

I made my normal Valentine M&Ms for teachers and Hunter's bus driver. 

I was also in charge of the treat bags for Hunter's class. 

Hunter saw this idea on one of my Pinterest boards and really wanted me to make them!  They are little tic-tac-toe boards.  He handed them out at the end of the party and all the kids pulled them out and starting playing.  I'm so glad they liked them! :) 

Now for some pictures from the party!  

Hunter LOVES Mrs. Hills!  We are so thankful she is his teacher!  She calls Hunter, "Happy Hunter."  Because he is always happy! :) 

Playing tic-tac-toe! 

He got LOTS of Valentines! 

Playing a game.  They each had a straw and 2 Q-tips.  They had to try to shoot their Q-tips into the heart basket.  Hunter's team won! 

Another fun game!  The kids loved this game because Mrs. Hills was cupid! 

I had so much fun at Hunter's party!  I am so thankful I was able to go!  It was so much fun!!! 

After lunch, it was time for Maggie's party! 

Here are Maggie's Valentines!  She was so excited to go to school on Thursday! 

Her party was extra special because Daddy got to come and watch!  I don't know who was more excited, Ben or Maggie! 

She made a very cute Love-Bug craft!  It's so cute! 

And she got to hand out all of her Valentines. 

I think they went on a heart hunt.  They had to find hearts with their name on it.  

I know she was so excited her Daddy was there!! 

Time for a sweet treat! :) 

They had Shirley Temples! 

She had so much fun!  I'm so glad Ben was able to go! 

We love Valentine's Day around here!  It's so much fun for kids! 
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