Friday, March 21, 2014

Insta-Friday: Spring Break!

Happy Friday, everyone!! 

We have had such a fun, relaxing week this week.  It was Spring Break for Hunter and so he got to spend the week as an only child!  I hope he had a good week!  Ben and I had a lot of fun with him!  He is such a sweet boy!!  Maggie and Archer got to spend the week with Coach and Honey!  I know they had a blast!  Archer has been talking non stop about the gator and the 4-wheeler.  Anyway... here is a peek at our week! 
We all spent last weekend at Coach and Honey's.  When we got in late Friday night Honey gave everyone a pair of roller skates!!  They kids LOVE them!  Maggie was so cute skating!! 

Maggie loves her Coach!! 
It was so cold on Sunday!  I packed the kids for Texas weather, not Kansas weather!!! oops! :) 

Ben, Hunter and I made it back to good old Kansas on Monday afternoon! 

What all did Hunter and I do... lots of swimming at the Y!  This kid has turned into a fish! :) 

We had a lunch date at Hunter's favorite place to eat, Subway.  
I seriously don't know why he likes it so much.  He gets a grilled cheese with olives?  Oh well... it made him happy, which makes me happy! :) 

After swimming with Daddy last night we took Hunter out for some special ice cream!  

I had so much fun with Hunter this week, but I am so happy to have everyone home!  Our house is loud and crazy again!  I love it!!  
Thank you Coach and Honey for loving on Mags and Archer this week!!  Thank you for letting me get some special time with just Hunter!  I'm excited to spend the weekend with my sweet family!! 

Have a great weekend, y'all! 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Insta-Friday :)

Happy Friday, y'all!! 

We've had an awesome week of spring!!  I'm hoping this weather sticks around for a while!  
Here's a peek at our week... 

My goal last week was 20 miles and I finished my last 5 on Saturday!  WooHoo! 

I know this is kind of weird, but they LOVE it!  We happen to have this extra door in our storage room.  They were pretending to be on the WSU basketball team!  Go Shocks! 

Happy Ballet Monday!!! 

After school and ballet we headed to the park for a picnic on Monday! 

fun at the park :) 

And fun riding bikes with our great neighbors!  

We spent most of the morning outside Tuesday morning.  This may sound silly, but I love having our driveway full of chalk art!  It makes me smile!! :) 

Hunter and Maggie were having fun at AWANA on Wednesday, so my biggest boy and my littlest boy were having fun on the swings at the park! Archer got Mommy and Daddy all to himself!  This doesn't happen very often! 

My throw back Thursday goes out to Logan!  I LOVE this picture!!  We miss this family so much!  

And this brings us to today... 

He's home!!!  Spring Break has officially began!!!! 

Have a great weekend, y'all! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


It has been beautiful in Kansas the last few days!  I'm hoping Spring has sprung!  So what have we been doing... playing outside!!!!!
Picnic at the park on Monday!

It was 70 degrees and yes Hunter and Maggie were dressed like it was 100! :) 

They were all so excited to use their lunch box, they ate their whole lunch!!!  Even Maggie!  Maybe I should serve lunch in their lunch box every day! 

Slide races!!!! 

They love playing in the big sandbox, but I don't think they were supposed to sit in the "sand bathtub". They said they were taking a sand bath! 

After naps it was time for bikes!  Hunter wanted to ride bikes hoping Chloe would come out and play.  

She did! :) 

After bike riding and some lemonade it was time to jump while we fix dinner. 

Monday was a great, beautiful, fun day!!!  

So today we started off like Monday... outside!

This boy loves his sandbox!!! 

Then time to ride...

Little Miss Sunshine! 

Time for chalk! 

She was drawing mean robots.  

I love to watch them play!  They are all such a blessing!  I am so thankful for Hunter, Maggie and Archer!  I'm so thankful I get to watch them play everyday!  Thank you, Lord for my many blessings!!!
Happy Spring, y'all!!! 

Hope it doesn't snow next week! lol :) 

Friday, March 7, 2014


Hooray for Friday! 
Can you believe it is March already?  It's crazy!!  February just flew by.  
I'm so excited it is March and I'm hoping this next week brings some spring like temperatures!  We are ready to play outside!!! 

Here's a peek at our week... 

The American Cup was my motivation to finish my 5 miles today.  Don't worry, I set my DVR!  I wouldn't want to miss a second of USA Gymnastics!   

Hunter still had school on Monday even with 4 inches of snow on the ground.  We were so glad Honey got snowed in and had to stay a few extra days!   

It was a cold ballet Monday!  There were only 3 out of the 13 girls in Maggie's class there. 

It warmed up enough to play outside a little bit on Tuesday afternoon.  Archer wanted to catch a snowball in his mouth! :) 

Maggie loves to eat the snow!!

Hunter loves to have snowball fights! 

I made some burlap bunny door hangers this week! :) 

Fun in the tub on Wednesday night! 

The sun was finally out on Thursday afternoon and so we had to go out and ride plasma cars!

I got to end my Friday night hanging out with the girls from my MAPS group!  I have been so blessed by them!!!  Got my first pedicure of 2014... now just hoping it gets warmer so I can wear my flip flops!
The kids got to have a movie night with Daddy!  We all had a great night! 

We have one more week and then Hunter is off for Spring Break!  Woohoo! :)  
Have a great weekend, y'all!