Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ballet Monday!

I love Ballet Mondays and so does Maggie and Archer! 
We all have a fun time at the YMCA on Monday mornings.  Normally, Archer goes to the Kids Zone and plays while Maggie is dancing and I am running.  It starts our week off with some fun! 
This week was a little extra special!  It was parent's watch day at Ballet!  Yay! 
And it was also costume day... Maggie was super excited about that! 
Ready to dance! 
They always start the class with tap and then move on to ballet at the end. 

Working on shuffling. 
They are funny to watch.  I'm always afraid Maggie is going to kick someone. 

They are getting ready for their recital in May!  
Here's a sneak peek at at her dance.... 

They are dancing to "Animal Crackers in My Soup". 


Keeping it real... I didn't get many pictures during her ballet part of the class because Archer had a little accident in the Kids Zone.  I remembered to bring Maggie's dance bag but totally forgot to grab Archer's backpack with extra clothes.  Oops!!!  

At the very end of class they always get to play with the streamers and dance around to Frozen's "Let it Go".  Can you hear them singing?  Everyone loves Frozen! 

Here's a sneak peek at her costume, too! 
She is so funny!  I thought she would be begging to put it on, but her teacher told the class they were not allowed to wear it until the recital.  It was hard to convince her to try it on for her Daddy to see.  She is so funny! 
We love our Maggie Moe!!  It's so fun to watch her grow! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mr. Flat Stanley :)

This past week has been a fun week with a special little friend.  We have had a visitor at our house and he is quite famous! You might know him.  His name is Flat Stanley!   Our sweet cousin, Dani sent us her Flat Stanley from McKinney, TX.  I wish Dani and her family could have come with Mr. Stanley, but hopefully we will see them soon!  So what all have we been doing with Flat Stanley? 
We were so excited to get him in the mail on Tuesday morning and I think he was happy to stretch his legs and arms a little.  He has traveled over 350 miles to see us! 
We were so happy to show him a little of Wichita, KS! 
Wichita is the largest city in Kansas.  He heard lots of airplanes during his visit because Wichita is known as "The Air Capital of the World".  Beechcraft, Cessna, Boeing, Learjet and Spirit AreoSystems operate factories here, so there is always a plane in the sky. 
I think we also turned Mr. Stanley into a Shocker fan!!!  If only we were still in the Final 4, he could have helped us cheer on the Wichita State Shockers! 
On Thursday Flat Stanley went to school with Hunter!  They rode the bus and everything! 
Hunter goes to Vermillion Elementary in Maize, KS.  School is little different than school in Texas.  Hunter is in half day kindergarten.  He goes to school every day from 8:45 to 11:45.  Next year he will go all day, from 8:45 to 3:55.  

Flat Stanley was apart of Mrs. Hill's kindergarten class.  He helped make bunnies and even went to P.E. with the class! 

Thankfully Mr. Stanley did not have to worry about any tornados this trip.  Kansas is known for it's tornados, but so is north Texas.  He did like our basement.  Just about everyone has a basement in Kansas.  Our basement is where we watch tv and it's the playroom for the kids.  Mr. Stanley did watch the movie Frozen about a dozen times with Maggie and Archer.  He can probably sing all the songs now.  

On Saturday morning we took Mr. Stanley to see the Arkansas River and to see the Keeper of the Plains! 

The Keeper of the Plains stands at the confluence of the Big and Little Arkansas rivers with hands raised in supplication to the Great Spirit. Since the sculpture's installation in 1974 to commemorate the United States Bicentennial, it has become a symbol for the city of Wichita and a tribute to the Native American tribes who continue to gather at this sacred site.  

He wanted to go back at night to see the ring of fire, but it was just to cold on Saturday evening.  

We had so much fun with Flat Stanley this week!  Thank you, Dani for sending him to us!  I hope he had a good time and that you have learned a little about Kansas!  


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Busy, Fun Saturday!

Fun, Fun Saturday!! 
We had so much fun today!  We started off at the Diva Dash 5k downtown.  
Two of the sweet Moms from Maggie's dance class asked me if I would like to run in the Diva Dash a couple of months ago and I was so excited to run with them!  I really had a great time! 

Almost to the finish line.  It was FREEZING this morning by the way!  I couldn't feel my feet when we  first started!  I was excited to be under 25 minutes... even if I did cross at 24:58. Under is under, right!?

Next up was Maggie! 
Maggie and 2 her ballerina friends ran in the little princess run!  

She was excited to get a medal and a crown!  

What's a run without a little stunting!?!  Go Mags!!! 
We had a really fun morning, but boy were we tired!  It was time for naps! 

In the afternoon it was time for some birthday fun!  We went to Archer's birthday party at the Bug Lady's Science Academy!  Our kids loved it!  

We ended our day with bikes and sweet neighbors.  We had such a great day!!  What will tomorrow hold? 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Big Week at the Jennings' House

I honestly can't believe I am typing this... 
After over 6.5 years of buying pampers we are officially out of diapers!!! 
Praise the Lord!!! 
(And yes, I am sort of sad about it.)

He's such a big boy!!  I can't believe it!!  
Just so you know this was totally all on his own.  Two weeks ago on Sunday he woke up and wanted to wear big boy underwear, so we let him.  Then it got time for church and he did NOT want to wear a diaper.  He insisted on underwear!  I was really watching for our number to be put up on the screen during church... it wasn't!  Then I thought he would be different clothes when I picked him up... he wasn't!  He was ready!  We were doing this!! 
His little hiney looks so cute in underwear. 
He has done such a good job telling me when he needs to go.  He did have a few accidents the first week, but this week has been super! 
He even got the pooping in the potty down!  For both Hunter and Maggie, when they pooped in the potty the first time we took them to Target to let them pick out a toy.  It was such a big deal!  So last Wednesday while the big kids were at AWANA we got to take Archer by himself to pick something out!  He is always trying to play with Hunter and his basketball goal, but it was just to high.  So we found this basketball goal (and it was on sale last week).  He loves it!!  

I am so, so very proud of our little man!  He is growing up way to fast, though!  I can't believe how big he is getting!  He is such a hugh blessing to all of us!  We love you, Archer-man!!!!