Monday, April 30, 2012

Cubbie Awards!

It's that time of the year again... Awana Cubbie Awards! 
We are so proud of Hunter!  He has done awesome this year at Awanas!  Hunter has been going to Cubbies almost every Sunday afternoon to learn more about Jesus and to memorize bible verses.  He has done AMAZING!  I wish I could memorize verses as easy as he can!  This year he learned 26+ verses.  His vest is full and complete!  We are so proud of you Hunter-man!
Sitting with his buddy, Luke. 

Singing :)

His awesome teacher, Ms. Tara!

Luke getting his award!   Yay Luke! 

When they called Hunter's name he ran up and gave Tara a tackle hug!  He LOVES Ms. Tara and has had such a great time in her class.  It is pretty cool because I taught her little boy, Gavin in the Octopus class last year and she had Hunter in her Cubbie class this year. 

Hunter showing off his new Sparks bag and other cool stuff he got.  He was really ready to go get a cupcake. :)  Hunter has learned a lot in Cubbies!  He has really grown this year.  We are so thankful for Cubbies and this awesome program that teaches kids about God's love for them!  We are so blessed! 

Friday, April 27, 2012


It's Friday!!  Woohoo!!  
So here's a peek at our week...

laundry... it never ends!  on monday i decided i would clean the washer.  has anyone ever done that?  i have never really thought about it until i saw it on pinterest.  well, let's just say it wasn't as easy as it sounded, but it looks a lot better than this before picture! 
noticed this on monday!  don't worry, i think we hit 100 again today.  last time i looked it was still april!  why are we already hitting triple digits?
baseball practice in the backyard has turned into an everyday event! :)
one happy little lady after school on tuesday.  she loves going to "cool".  while driving away on tuesday she yelled, "bye cool!"

starting to not feel well... :(

look what i finally finished for the little kids to wear to all of hunter's baseball games!  go fighting irish!

bubble swords on wednesday.  these make great bubbles! you can get them at michaels!   

archer had lots of naps on wednesday!  too many!  it was weird... he NEVER sleeps this much! 

don't let that sweet smile fool you!  he did not feel good. 

so what do you do with daddy while mom is away and it's 103 outside??  play in the sprinkler!!!

watch out!  you might get a little wet!  i think we will be getting a pool pretty soon! :)

so thursday, i took 0 pictures.  it was to busy, crazy! i took archer to the doctor to find out that he does have an ear infection. :( boo!

start off our friday with a little tramp time

maggie finally wanted me to paint her toenails!!!  YAY!  i was so excited!  she wanted them to be "peet". (aka pink)

played a little pizza party!  hunter and maggie love this game and maggie is good at it, too! :)

this little guy is still not feeling well.  now he has a rash on the lower half of his body.  it's really starting to worry me, i'm not gonna lie!  i'm hoping he can wait going back to the doctor until after cheerleading tryouts tomorrow... well see.  

so that's our week in a nutshell! 
have a great weekend, everyone! 

life rearranged

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I know Easter was a few weeks ago, but I still wanted to blog about it.  So here it goes...

Ben took off work the Thursday and Friday before Easter and the Monday following so that we could spend some much needed time with Nana and Grumpy.  So we took the kids to school, while Ben and I packed everyone up on Thursday.  It takes a long time to pack up a family of 5 by the way.  The kids didn't want to miss the egg hunts at school, so it was perfect. 
Hunter was ready for his egg hunt with the shark class! :)

Oh and I made, yes I made, this skirt for Maggie out of a dish towel!!!!  Can you believe it?  

Here's the back!  I found it on one of the blogs I like to look at called lil blue boo!  It was so easy. (hello... if I can do it, anyone can!)  You can find out how here.

And I made Hunter a bigger basket.  I should have went ahead and made Maggie a big one too.  I think she got more eggs than anyone! 

And I made Bunny Bait for the kids in Hunter and Maggie's class. (And they brought some extra back home... so I snacked on it all the way to Houston :) shhhh don't tell!)
i got this idea from pintrest by the way. You can check it out here.

So we finally got on the road around 2:30.  The kid slept until we got to Temple!  It was so nice.  Ben and I just talked and caught up.  The quiet was amazing.  We stopped to eat at Temple and then Archer screamed/cried the rest of the way to Houston.  Not so much fun.

We spent Friday just hanging out with family!  It was a great day!  We decided we would hunt Easter eggs on Saturday so that we wouldn't have to try to do it before church on Sunday.  Here are some pictures from our hunt...

The Queen of the egg hunt!  Seriously, she dumped out her basket many, many times! :) I will be making her a bigger basket for next year! 
Sweet boy! :) 

The basket lady, Miss Gracie!!  She is holding 3 baskets in this picture!  Isn't she cute!  We had so much fun playing with her all weekend! 

She was bummed it was over :(  Don't worry we had another hunt on Monday before we left. 

Sunday, we went to Nana and Grumpy's church.  We had never been and although it wasn't our church we liked it.  They don't do worship like we do, so the we jammed out to our church's worships cd on the way home!  I love that my kids love our worship music.  It was a sweet ride!  Then we went out and had a really yummy lunch (4 kids and no melt downs!  it was a great lunch!) and then we all took naps!  

After naps we headed out to the park! 

Okay so we tried to take some pictures and then we played...

Hunter played baseball until he got his first blister.  You would have thought he cut his arm off.  He through a fit like I have never seen.  We got a bandaid when he got home and he was good to go.  Nana also bought him some new batting gloves! :)

Maggie and Gracie had a lot of fun swinging!  

Over all we had a great Easter!  The trips in the car... not so much fun, but it was worth it.  We had a great time with family. 
We love you Nana, Grumpy, Nie-Nie, Gracie and David!!  We can't wait to come back.  And Uncle David... we MISSED you!!!  Next year!!! :) 

Monday, April 23, 2012

7 months :)

Oh my!  My baby boy is 7 months old!!  Can you believe it?  I can't! 

Archer, you are one handsome little man!  We love you like crazy!!! 

So what are you doing these days... scooting backwards ALL the time!  You have moved forward a few times and you have pulled up almost by yourself on your kitchen.  You are starting to really like baby food.  You love eating Mum-Mums and you are now drinking formula and not breast milk.  :( Sad but happy day!  You LOVE your Bubba and Sister!  You are most happy when you are in the same room as Maggie and Hunter!  You want in on all the action.  You give the sweetest hugs!  Oh how we LOVE you!!!  You like playing with your kitchen and rolly ball from Nana and Grumpy.  You are still wearing size 3 diapers but will be moving into 4s soon!  You are sleeping better at night, but not always all night.  We did find out you are like Mama... you are allergic to penicillin.  Poor baby!  You weigh 21lbs and are 29inches long.  You are our sweet, sweet baby boy!  You are always so happy!  I can't imagine life without you, Archer!  You are such a sweet blessing!  We love you so much, little boy!  Now stop growing... it's going by way to fast!!! 

On to kitchen pictures!  Hunter got this laugh-n-learn kitchen when he was 6 months old for Christmas.  He and Maggie both loved it, so we got it out for Archer this week!  Guess what??  He loves it too! 

I forgot to mention, Archer loves to clap!  Here he is clapping at his kitchen! :)

My sweet big boy!  

Here is my Hunter-man at 6 months playing with his kitchen! 

And Miss Maggie Moe playing with the kitchen 1 week before she turned 7 months. 
To see the blog post about Maggie and her kitchen, click here.

Sweet, sweet babies!  We are so blessed!  
Happy 7 months, Archer!!!  We love you so much!!!