Sunday, August 31, 2014

Granddad's 90th Birthday

My Granddad turned 90 on August 17th!! Woohoo!  And so we went to Texas to celebrate with our family! 

He doesn't look 90, does he!!?  We don't get to see Great Granddaddy very often and we never get to see his part of the family.  It was so, so good to see everyone!!  We used to have a big family Christmas party with everyone from that side of the family, but we haven't had one in a while.  We should start that back up! 

 In case you didn't know, my Granddad is a huge Aggie fan!  

Maggie and Archer dancing.  
I really should have taken more pictures!  The kids had a blast!  It was at my Cousin Bill's amazing barn.  It was really cool and it was right next to the horses which the kids loved! 
I was so happy to make him a birthday banner and... 

an Aggie sign.  I think he liked them both.  He said he was going to hang it in his 5th wheel and take it to the games this year.  (They go to all the home football games and to some away games!) 
Happy Birthday, Granddad!  We are so glad we were able to come and celebrate with you! 

What else did we do while we were in Texas for the weekend?? 


And Archer showed Coach and Honey his new trick!  
He can swim!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep!  He's a monkey-see monkey-do kind of kid!  He has always loved the water!  He was never afraid to go under or get his face wet!  He just took off swimming the other day! 

We also did a little gator and golf cart riding and driving! 

And Archer's dream came true!  He got to mow with Coach!  This kid LOVES lawn mowers!  

And we took a few pictures on some hay bails!  

On Sunday, Maggie and I got to go help with a bridal shower for Kelly!  Maggie was so excited and I was too!  We had a great weekend!  

First Day of First Grade :)

I can't believe he is in FIRST GRADE!!?!  Where has the time gone! 

Hunter started school on August 12th.  

Maggie and Archer had to take a picture with Hunter, too! 

We took Hunter to school on the first day, but he normally rides the bus to school.  

Waiting for the bell to ring so we could go inside. :) 

Hunter and Mrs. Christensen!  

Ready for 1st grade!! 

Maggie had to give him one more kiss before we left! 

We were kind of lost without Hunter that first week and I still get out 3 kids plates for lunch everyday. 

Waiting in the parent pick up line, ready to get Hunter!! 


We made our traditional chocolate chips cookies as soon as we got home, although I didn't take any pictures this year.  Oh well... 
What should we do to celebrate the first day of school... play in the sprinklers!! 

And silly string!!! 

Hunter had a great day at school and we had a fun night celebrating the first day with him!  It's gonna be a great year!!! 

Tanganyika with Katie :)

We had been planning on going to Tanganyika with Katie all summer but it never seemed to work out for us to go until the last Friday before school started.  Hooray for a fun day with Katie! 

First stop... the Kangaroos!!! 

They were so soft! 

It was so neat!  you could walk right up and pet them.  Archer loved to watch the hop around!  

Maggie loved the bunnies! 

Then we went and fed the birds.  

Archer found a snake to pet on the way to the lemurs. 

Next up was Lemur Island!  

The lemurs would jump on you and walk around.  It was really cool. 

We fed them cranberries. 

Next up was the Rhino! 

Time for the giraffes! 

I loved seeing the baby leopards!!  So cute! 

Over all we had a great day with Katie!!  We are ready to go back!  Katie, let us know when you have a free weekend! :)