Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Happy 8 Months, Archer!!!! 
I can't believe it has already been 8 months!  I wish time would slow down!  

This is what he does when we lay him on his quilt to take his picture now.  We'll see how he does next month!  We might have to hold him down! haha :)

Well, what is Archer up to these days??
He weighs 21 lbs 8oz and is 27.5 inches long.  He is crawling everywhere and is starting to pull up to stand.  He loves to be where the action is!  He always wants to know where Maggie and Hunter are and wants to know what they are doing.  He also loves to follow Kiddo.  He is such a happy baby!!  It is amazing!  We are so blessed.  He was still sick when we took these pictures, so they are not as happy as he normally is.  He is a go with the flow baby.  He's not fussy unless he is sick.  He is finally sleeping better.  He wakes up about 6, but after a bottle will go back to sleep until Maggie or Hunter wake him up.  He is still wearing a size 3 diaper, but has worn a package of 4s.  (It's just easier to buy one box of 3s for him and Maggie than a box of 4 and a box of 3s.) He is wearing some 9 month and some 12 month size clothing.  He loves to clap and make noses with his mouth.  We think he's going to be a talker because he talks all the time! :)  

I can't tell you just how sweet he is!  He loves to give hugs!  He really does squeeze you!  I LOVE it!!!  

Watch out world!  He is really on the move! 
Thank you Lord for blessing us with this sweet little guy!  We love you so much, Archer and can't imagine life without you!  You are a gift from God!  

See how he has grown...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Insta-Friday :)

Yay for Friday and for a looong weekend!!  Here's a peek into our week! :)

Last baseball game!  
Go Fighting Irish!!!

Hello Sunshine!  Running some errands with Mama on Sunday. 

Maggie decided to take"Baboo" and "Ada" (Rapunzel and Cinderella) with us to the Zoo, but wanted them to ride like this. 

Hunter loves the snakes... Mama, not so much! 

Looks happy in this picture! 

Maggie needs her beauty sleep. 

We found Bill the baby bird on our back porch on Monday night.  He wasn't there on Tuesday morning and we did have four cats in our yard.  I'm sure he flew off... 

3 sweet kids playing on Tuesday! 

Not feeling to well, but happy anyways! 

Dancing with the Stars!  My favorite show!  So excited about the winners this season!!! 

Wednesday waiting at the doctors office. 

Well it wasn't just an ear infection. :(  Baby boy is sick!!!

Breathing treatments are no fun!

Hunter and Rapunzel

Haven't had to pull out this guy in a looong time (since Hunter was a baby)!  So glad the breathing treatments are helping! 

Sleepy baby boy! 

Sleepy Maggie!  (Can you find her?)

Sleepy big boy! 

I think we need a sandbox!!!  This girl loves to dig!

Feeling better, but not 100% yet.  (Notice the yucky nose! So thankful for boogie wipes!)

Maggie's GK leotard came in the mail today!!  We are ready for gymnastics!!  I don't know who is more excited! :)

We are excited because Nana, Grumpy and Uncle David are coming this weekend!  Woohoo! 
Have a great weekend, everyone! 

life rearranged

Batter up!!!

I have been meaning to post a few videos of Hunter at bat, but with one sick little boy I haven't gotten around to it.  So here they are!  

This one was at our night game last Thursday.  (At Dixie the coach pitch teams get to play one game on a Thursday evening and be announced over the intercom.  If you listen you can hear them announce Hunter.)

This was at his last game.  I am really mad at myself because I turned it off way to early and I didn't show where the ball went.  :( He hit a double!!  The ball went way out to the outfield!  

We are so proud of Hunter this year!  He has gotten so much better.  He LOVES baseball and loved being apart of the Fighting Irish team!  For a 4 year old, he did amazing!!!!  Go Hunter!!  We love you so much! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two point five

Last month Maggie turned two and a half.  How is that possible?!?!  Why and how are my kids growing so fast?  Seriously... STOP!  I want them to stay little forever.  

Back to Maggie... So what is Maggie doing at 2.5??

Favorite color:  "Peet" (aka pink)
Favorite snack:  Peanut Butter on a spoon
Favorite thing to wear:  Shoes (Ga Ga shoes)
Favorite person:  Hunter 
Favorite friend:  "Wogan" (Logan Hay)
Favorite toy:  "Ada" (aka Rapunzel) and her kitchen
Loves to: give kisses (they are the best)
Loves to:  pick out her own pajamas (normally they don't match at all!)
Loves to:  Jump on the trampoline
Love to:  go to "cool" (school)
Loves to:  pray at the table at dinner and then saw "yeehaw!" (like we do at the end of cheer practice)
Loves to:  Splash in the bathtub with Archer (believe it or not Archer splashes more than her)
Loves to:  Stunt with her Daddy
Likes to: wear panties over her diaper (does not want to use the potty... at all!!)
Does not like to:  brush her hair
Does not like to: go to time out
Does not like to: use the potty
Does not like to: eat (some days she doesn't each much at all and then others she eats a ton)

Oh Sweet Maggie Rose, we love you so much!!!  You are such a blessing!  We can't imagine life without you!  Thank you, Lord for blessing us with Maggie!  

8 months

Our sweet baby boy is 8 months old today!! I can't believe it!! The bad thing is he is super sick!! :( We had to go see our great doctor this morning for what I thought was just an ear infection. We came home with lots of meds for the breathing machine. I haven't pulled that thing out since Hunter was a baby. :( boo for sick babies!!
Here are all his medicines! :( I am so thankful for great insurance! I feel like I am on that coupon show, but without a coupon. $17 and some change got us all of this!
8 month pictures coming once he feels better!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Watch out world...


He has been scooting around for a few weeks, but this weekend he has really started crawling the right way.  He hasn't figured out that he can go down the hall or anything yet (please don't tell him), but he will crawl all over the living and play room! 

Want to see???

Today he pulled up to stand by the couch!!  Seriously!!  I'm not ready for this!! :) 

Do you remember when this sweet girl learned to crawl??  Seems like yesterday! 
Will someone please tell me how to stop time!  They are growing way to fast!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Insta-Friday :)

I'm really starting to like this Insta-Friday thing!  So here is a peek into our week!  Enjoy! :)
Saturdays at the ball field cheering on Bubba! 

Let's go Hunter!

Bowls are so overrated! 

Mother's Day at the Zoo was the BEST!! 

Jumping with my girl! 

Monday's happy boy!

Maggie helped me unload the groceries.  She likes her cereal cold! :)

Why is the crib the most popular place to play? 

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my sweet kids!!!!

Tuesdays running partner is ready to go! 

Is it really time for his birthday?? "That's the thing with birthdays.  They're kind of an annual thing."  Anyone know that quote??? 
(Hint: I watch to many Disney movies!)

They baby boy loves his Mum-mums! 
I know what Momma Maggie wants for Christmas.  

Finished up teacher's gifts. (Keri, hide your eyes!  I have yours sitting by our tv.)

This week was the week of cupcakes!!  I made cupcakes Monday night for Hunter's class.  (See previous post.)  Wednesday, I made mini cupcakes for Maggie's class. 

Last day of school!  Maggie found the mic while playing in kiddie park.  My sweet friend sent me this picture!  :)  Love it! 

See this thing sticking out of the ground... yeah it cost us almost $500.  Boo for leaky pipe! 

This little guy likes to see how many puffs he can hold in his hand and then stuff in his mouth. 

Night game!!  Woohoo!  Hunter had a night game on Thursday!  He was announced and everything!  Way to go Fighting Irish! 

2 new animals for a little boy who stayed on green ALL year long!!!  

Playing in the playroom waiting on Daddy to get home on this lovely Friday! 

Over all... Great week for the Jennings!  
Have a great weekend everyone! 

life rearranged