Saturday, October 26, 2013

Our Little Mermaid

Today we celebrated Maggie!  
It was such a fun, great day! We are so blessed!! 
Because I love decorating for parties... if you want to skip down to the party you can. :) 

I had fun making her cake this year! 
And I just love pink and blue. 

Starfish are my favorite!! These were sparkly, too! 

Since Maggie had a bright Disney princess banner from last year I didn't make her one.  I did make this quick and easy one.  Just tissue paper pom-poms and her name cut out with my Silhouette machine!  Easy Peasy! :) 

Goody Bags! 
Thankful Target was thinking about Maggie's party... Cute Little Mermaid books. 

Now onto the party!! 
I was a little nervous about Maggie's party because we are still new here.  We invited our awesome neighbors and the kids in her class at school.  I'm so glad we had so many kids that were able to come! It was nice to see and meet some of Maggie's friends from school, too!  

When the kids arrived we made a mermaid/pirate craft. 

Here is Maggie's mermaid. lol :) And the pirate the boys made. I love my Silhouette machine! 
Then it was off to the sandbox to find some seashells! 

Next up was the pinata! Maggie really wanted a pinata this year.  I loved this cute cupcake!

After the pinata we made pearl (gum ball) necklaces. 

The kids did really well making a necklace. 

What a cutie! 

That's our girl... pink ribbon with pink gumballs! :)

Next up... Cake! 

Time for presents! :) 
She really loved her party.  I don't know why she isn't smiling in more of these pictures. 

Today was so much fun!  
Thank you so much for all of you who made this such a special day!! 
Happy Birthday, Maggie Moe!!! :) 
We love you!!! 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Insta-Friday :)

Happy Friday!!! 
Maggie's birthday party is tomorrow, so this is going to be short and sweet. :) 
Here is a peek at our week... 

freezing at our last 2 football games, but it was well worth it... undefeated!  Go 49ers!! 
see football post here 

just another ballet Monday!  i love Mondays now! :) 

Red Ribbon week at VES! 
Crazy socks day! 
Ben didn't know that it was crazy socks day and about died seeing Hunter in shorts with these socks! 
One was football (of course) the other was Halloween. 

Last night to be 3 for this sleeping beauty! 

Maggie is FOUR!!!!!! 

tbt... these were the days.  Serving the Lord while also being thrown in the air... LOVE IT!   CCA was the best summers of my life!  
What is CCA??  Check it out here!! 

So thankful I was able to go to Hunter's first school party! 
Can you see Hunter???

Ending my Friday night finishing up party things.  So excited about Maggie's party tomorrow... and a little nervous, too!  :) 

Have a great weekend, everyone! :) 

life rearranged

Fall Party :)

Today Hunter had his first party at school!  I don't know who had more fun... him or me! 
I'm so glad I got to go!!!  Thank you, Coach and Honey!!!! 
 We love Mrs. Hills!!!! 

Playing with his friends getting ready for the parade. 
They got to parade down the halls in their costume.  

Here they come...

Then they came back for a little treat. 

How is he going to eat with that mask on???


Decorating pumpkins! 

I was so excited to see some of his friends that he talks about all the time! 

And I loved looking at all the things he has been working on! 

What a great day!