Thursday, August 23, 2012

11 months!!

Can it be true???  Is my sweet baby boy really 11 months old?!?  I can't believe it!! 
You are such an amazing little blessing to us, Archer!  We can't imagine life without you!  So what all are you up to these days... Well you just went up to a size 4 diaper.  You LOVE fruit!  You can crawl faster than anyone i know!  In fact your knees are rough from all the crawling. 

You LOVE your big sister and big brother!  You want to be near them ALL the time!  They love you, too!! 

So happy and relaxed.  You are such a good baby!  You love bath time and are the easiest to go to bed. 

Oh and you started walking just a few days before you turned 11 months!  I tried to gently push you down, but there was no stopping you.  You are a walker!!! 

Archer, we love you so so much!  I can't tell you just how much of a blessing you are!!!  We love you!!  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday pick me up!

I thought you might need a Monday pick me up!  I know I do!  We have been watching lots of
She is saying "Oh Alfalfa!" at the end of the video. :)  

Happy Monday, everyone! :) 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dr appointments

So this has been a week of doctors appointments. First was Archer's 9 month well check followed by Hunter's 5 year old well check appointment. When did he get so big??? Seriously! I can't believe he is already 5!! He is growing like a weed!! The first pic below was taken right after his appointment!
Then today Hunter had to go to the dentist for his 6 month cleaning and guess what??? No cavities!!!! I'm telling you the electric tooth brush with a light is the best ever!!!
Hunter is such an amazing little guy! We are so blessed!! I hope this year goes by slow. I'm going to cherish every minute! We love you, Hunter-man!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Saturday's splash!

Saturday morning was the opening day of Nelson Splash!!  Woohoo!  We have been so excited about this splash pad and were ready for it to open. We weren't going to let sick kids stop us.  When we woke up on Saturday we had to make a trip to the doctors office.  Poor Archer and Maggie both had croup.  I thought about staying home with Maggie and Archer and letting Ben and Hunter go, but Maggie wanted to go so bad and Katie was going to be there!  So after the doctors visit we ran home to put the kids in their swim suits and made to the park just in time.  
Waiting for the water! 

Can you tell Maggie doesn't feel well? :(
Turn on the water!!!!!

Archer got out there a little bit.  I think he will like it better when he is feeling better! 
We were all REALLY excited to see Katie!!!  She was at the splash pad to see the grand opening.  We miss her!  I'm so glad we got to see her this summer!  I can't believe she is going to be in high school!  Crazy!  Isn't she pretty!!  Thank you Katie for visiting with us!!! You were the high light of our weekend! :)

I don't know if you were watching the news after the Olympics like we were on Saturday night, but I have to set this straight.  KRBC failed to report why and how we got this awesome new splash pad.  Personally I don't like to watch the news.  I would rather read it in the newspaper.  Anyway, back in 2011 a group of local businesses and organizations came together with the goal of improving Abilene.  Together 2011 did lots of different things all over the community.  Their icing on the cake was in raising $600,000 for our new splash pad!  Do you see that lady holding the water bottle?  That is Kim the former publisher of the Abilene Reporter News and the splash pad was her idea!  Thank you Kim!!!  And thank you Together 2011 for this awesome free, wet place for the kids of Abilene!
You can read about the new splash pad here

Yay for the awesome splash pad!!!  We will be back soon to play!! :) 
If you live in Abilene you should check it out!  

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Beach Day!

Continuing our Houston trip, Thursday was BeAcH dAy!!!!  WhooHoo!  We all love beach day and this year was no different!  This was Archer's first beach trip.  Here are our pictures! 
playing in the sand... or should i say, eating the sand! yum! 

hunter was the first one in the water!  he was so excited! 

he was fighting the waves

archer and grumpy playing in the sand

hunter and grumpy out in the waves!

maggie wanted to stunt! 

her new trick... a liberty

after stunting on the sand she wanted to go out and stunt in the water

Go Cowboys!

Sweet Gracie loved the water and sand, too! 
Here are some pictures of Maggie and Gracing playing!  They had a blast! 

mom made me wear this goofy hat! :) 

the 3 big cousins playing in the waves

such a happy boy

loving the water and the beach!

Daddy found a hermit crab so Hunter named him Shy. 

Shy came home with us, but only made it one night.  We should have left him in the ocean, but we still have his shell! :)

Can you see Maggie cracking up!  Her swimsuit was way to big!!!!  I didn't realize how big it was until  Thursday.  She almost lost it! :) 

We had such a wonderful time at the beach!  We had a beach picnic lunch, played in the sand and in the water.  It was perfect!  Such a great day!  The kids were all asleep before we even got off the sand. 

We had a great trip to Houston this summer!  Thank you Nana and Grumpy for such a great week!  We look forward to next year!  

Houston trip

So last week we went to Houston to spend time with family.  We had a really great time!  Uncle David and Brooke were there when we got there and it was so good to see them.  We miss them so much!  We are so glad they got to come down for the weekend!  Hopefully they will make the trip to Abilene soon! :) 

We spent the week hanging out.  We went to the pool almost every day!  Hunter has become a little fish and Maggie jumped off the diving board over and over again.  Archer loves the pool too!  He has the best splash out of all the kids!  We also had a great time playing with Miss Gracie!  Maggie and Gracie were inseparable!  It was so cute to watch them play together! 

One of the cool things we got to do while in Houston was go to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, in other words "the Dinosaur museum"!  Here are some pictures!
Bothers wearing their dino shirts! :) 

This dino was found in Post, TX!!!  

Maggie and Hunter saying cheese!

My favorite dinosaur!

"Three horns never play with loooong necks!"
Can you name that movie??

Big ancient shark!!!  Ahhhhh!

 Woolly Mammoth
Maggie needed a stunt break! 

After seeing the amazing dinosaurs we went into the Butterfly exhibit! 

Archer and Grumpy looking for some butterflies! 

Our annual picture in the gift shop!  This time Daddy is holding Archer!  See last years picture here

The littlest were ready for some lunch after an awesome morning at the museum! 

I'll be post more pictures from our trip soon!  Beach pictures are next! :) 

Thank you for taking us to the Dinosaur Museum, Nana and Grumpy!  We love it!