Monday, February 27, 2012

How to...

How to go to the grocery store with a 5 month old, 2 yr old and 4 yr old.

let the adventure begin!
1.  strap lil bubba on and walk hand-n-hand with the "big" kids.
(you must look over the sweet, bald head but can't see your feet because of the sweet bald careful!)
2.  quickly find the last...
cart with a car!  that will keep them in for a good 30 seconds :)
3. let the big kids help! point to the things that you need (with your foot) and let them put it in the basket.
4.  always have a list or who knows what you'll get!!!!
5.  wave and talk to the people while shopping... everyone is staring, you might as well say hello! :)
6.  once back in the car, reward said kids for being sweet at the store! 

we really are entertaining!  you should come watch sometime! :) 
happy monday, everyone! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

busy spring week

Wow this week has really felt like spring... well maybe not today, but every other day has been warm and beautiful.  So we have been busy enjoying it! 
Monday we got to play with Logan!!  Everyone LOVES it when Logan is over!  We were out in the backyard all morning. 

Tuesday, Hunter and Maggie went to school, but when they got home it was Peter Pan and Tinkerbell! They wanted to go "fly" on the tramp!  After a little jump time we played with our awesome neighbors until it was dark.  So fun! 

Wednesday we got up and headed out to Fort Imagination! 

Cheese anyone?

Archer got to swing for the first time!!  I didn't really push him, but he liked sitting there.  Maggie really wanted him to say, "weeeee!"  Maybe next time!

Did I mention this little guy turned 5 months on Thursday??  He's growing up way to fast!

After the park on Wednesday we ate a picnic lunch in the backyard! 

Thursday was beautiful, too!  After school we headed over to meet Julie and Logan at the...
I wish I had my camera to take pictures of our cute kids!  They had a blast!  

Today's high is 57!!  Ugh!  So different from the 85 degrees, yesterday.  Oh well... we are being lazy today, just hanging out at home.  We are ready for Ben to come home from work and ready for the weekend!!  Woohoo!  

Have a great weekend, everyone!  

Sunday, February 19, 2012

tub time

don't i look like Cindy Lou Who??

strong boy!

both showing their muscles! 
Don't mess with the Jennings kids at bath time.  :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012


So what did you do on Valentines Day??  Go out dinner?  Go to a movie?
Well when daddy got home we played and played and played!!!  It was a perfect 72 degrees and we were loving being outside!  We were outside until it was dark.  Then we went in, had dinner and watched Mr. Poppins's Penguins.  

Oh yeah and while we were outside we took a few LOVE pictures!

I (really Ben) need to go back and edit this one so the colors pop!

and this one, too!

sweet love bug!  and yes he is sitting up by himself!  he can't do it very long... I'm sitting right by him waiting to catch him :)


now just relax, Mags... good!
now can you put your hand behind your head?

like this???

sweet girly!!!

ok i'm done!

hunter's turn!

now with archer...


now with the LOVE

Maggie do you wanna take a picture with the LOVE??

No, well okay then...

Hunter's going to take your chair!

We had a great day of LOVE!
Now i will leave you with a little song we like to dance to.  It's our LOVE song.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

♥ Day!

Happy Valentines Day!!! 

We woke the kids up this morning to some new toys!  Maggie got a new Minnie dress up toy and Hunter got a new Batman toy.  Archer got a cute puppy that makes noise when you touch it.  I love heart day, don't you?

One reason why I love it (and one reason Ben doesn't) is that I love making the kids their valentines!  We have never bought the box of valentines to give out to his class and we aren't going to start now.  I have always made something.  The first 2 years he was in school I did the color hearts.  You know you break up crayons and put them in a heart baking sheet, thing.  Last year we did these.  And this years I found something on pintrest to try...

I hope your day is "chalk" full of Love!  I got some little wooden hearts from Hobby Lobby and painted them with chalkboard paint.  Done!  Ben made the very cute tag to put on each Valentine!  Thank you, Ben! 

For teacher's gifts I made these...
Starbucks jars filled with M&Ms!  I have been saving these Starbucks glasses for a while and thought they would make the perfect container for a gift.  I just painted the lids pink and Ben made the tag!  Thank you, Ben! 

And what is a holiday without a holiday shirt...
I love my silhouette studio and freezer paper!  So easy to make cute, cheap shirts! :)

Archer and I had a great morning just hanging out.  Check out this cutie!! 
I was really hoping for a nice Valentines nap with this little guy, but he had other plans!  Oh well!  We had a great morning laughing and playing! :)

I love you, Archer!!!

Then this afternoon we went and partied with both Maggie and Hunter! 

Sweet girly!  She didn't even touch her cupcake.  I don't think she is feeling so great.  I think her ears might be bothering her. :(  Poor Maggie Moe!  She had a great day though.  She played with her big brother on the playground at recess.  I love you, Maggie Moe!!!

Hunter had a great day with his friends at school!  His teacher told me he was extra sweet to a little girl in his class.  She broke her ring (a ring from a cupcake) so Hunter went and sat with her and shared his candy with her.  That's my sweet boy!!  I also noticed he went and gave both his teachers a big hug before we left and I didn't even tell him to!  He LOVES his teachers and friends at Beltway!  And I love you, Hunter-man!!

Mags showing off her Valentines from her friends.  That bag was full! :)

Oh and her favorite Valentines present... her sparkly Toms!  Thank you, Honey and Coach!  She would sleep in them if I would let her!  I don't think they have been off her feet! :)

Hunter showing off all his Valentines!  

We're full of LOVE around here today!  We can't wait until Daddy comes home!  Hope you all are having a great Valentines Day!  

Grammy Great

Friday Archer finally got to meet his Grammy Great! 
We have been wanting to make it up to see Grammy for a while and finally made it happen this weekend.  

I will be honest, I think Grammy was more interested in seeing this sweet little girl.  

We could not wait any longer to meet, Zoe!  Isn't she sweet!?!  This is my cousin Kara's little lady.  So precious!  We have been trying to get over to see her ever since she was born.  I just love her!  She is doing great and has some amazing parents!  Thank you for letting us meet her on a cold, windy Friday night!  

Let me just tell you, Friday was kind of crazy!  We started off with a photo shoot... well kind of.  Hunter and Maggie were asked to be in an ad for a really cute store in the mall.  (These are the perks for Ben working at the paper.) So we did that in the morning.  Then we came home and ate lunch and packed.  We didn't know if we were going to be able to go or not... it all depended on if Ben could get off work at 2.  Well he did so we packed up and headed to the metroplex.  Do you know how much stuff you have to bring with 3 little kids???  And how fast the backseat gets dirty???  Crazy!  Well we stopped to eat at Ben's favorite place...
And I think we were pretty comical!  Hunter and Maggie were so excited to be out of the car and Archer... well let's just say he needed his diaper changed REALLY bad!  Yuck!  I think I ate my dinner in record breaking time.  Good thing to because Maggie and Archer both ended up sitting in my lap.  

The best thing about our trip on Friday... getting to talk to my husband while all three kids slept for 2+ hours!  It was amazing!  Over all we had a really great weekend!!  We were so glad to see Grammy Great and meet Miss Zoe! 

I'll be posting a Valentine post today once the kids get home from school!! :)  Happy Heart Day! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Take me out to the ball game...

It's official... Hunter is playing Dixie Little League Baseball this spring!  I don't know who is more excited, Hunter or Ben. :)  

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

best friends

we moved maggie into hunter's room just for bedtime last week.  last night before ben and i went to bed we peeked in just to see how they were doing and this is what we found...
maggie got in bed with her bubba!  they slept all night together! so sweet!  i love them!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


After a great Friday night hanging out with the girls, Saturday was paint day.
It was time to paint the fireplace!!!!  Yeah!  I have been wanting to paint the fireplace for a super long time!  Here are a few before pictures.  

Last Christmas... do you see that big black insert?

It was big and HEAVY!!  Ben took that thing out Saturday morning while I slept in a little bit.  
I should have taken a better before picture!  Oh well...

After some tape with no insert.

2 coats of paint later 
The mantel before the mocha 

And finished! 

It is bright

but I like! 

We painted the inside black

So much better than before! 

And with the kids chairs in front makes it complete! 

Hooray for a new fireplace!!! :)