Friday, August 30, 2013

Insta-Friday! :)

So... what's better then Friday??  How about a Friday with a 3 day weekend!!  
And how about you add some family on their way to visit you in your new house?  
WooHoo!  We are so excited! 

Okay, so here is a little peek into our week...

Last Saturday before we loaded up to go furniture shopping. 
Love these kids so much! 

More shopping is better with ice cream! 

Bus stop on Monday... thinking about all our Abilene friends starting to school! :) 

She wanted to show Daddy she was wearing her pink bow, so I took a picture! 

Still not running this week... Boo! :( Praying for next week! 

We are at the bus stop a lot!!! 
Oh and she wanted a pony tail like me!!!  

He's in the shoe tying club!!! 

It's starting... FOOTBALL!!!! 

We were hoping to be the Texans, but are happy with the 49ers!  That's Colt McCoy's team! 

Why yes, that is a Pumpkin Spice Latte!!!  
Happy fall, ya'll! 

This boy... I don't know what I would do without him! 

Going to meet our new doctor... he's no Dr. Wiley, but it was okay. 

She is ready for preschool!!  She met her teachers on Thursday! 

Both of them jumping up and down because Bubba is done with school for the week!!  

We are going to enjoy this weekend with family!  And watch a little college football... Hook 'Em! 
What are you up to?

Have a great weekend, ya'll!!

life rearranged

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Little Mermaid!!!

I am super excited to announce... Maggie CAN swim!!!!  

Maggie started swimming by herself on Friday.  Ben wanted to see her for himself... so we went to the pool both Saturday and Sunday!  Oh and then we went again last night so we could take this video... :) 

Now we have 2 swimmers!  And Archer... well he thinks he can swim.  He's not afraid.  I'm sure he'll be swimming by next summer.  

We are so very proud of both Maggie and Hunter!  I don't think I ever really posted about swimming, but back in May/June I was super embarrassed to go swimming with my kids.  I remember taking all three kids to HSU in May and there was these kids Maggie and Hunter's age there with their dad.  They were diving for rings and swimming all over the place without floaties.  My kids on the other hand, were clinging to me whining about me letting go of them.  They wouldn't get off the step and they had on floaties.  I don't think we swam more than 30 minutes that day.  Then the summer happened and my Mom got them both into swimming lessons while they were at her house.  We would take them swimming all the time at the Sheriff's house, too. (I love that pool!  Thank you Lynn and Mike for letting us swim!!) And they slowly started to LOVE the water.  Then Hunter took lessons from Sara... WOW!  She knows what she is doing.  (Gainesville peeps... if you need swimming lessons let me know.  Sara is amazing!) Hunter then started to take off.  He became our little fish.  Maggie and Archer really figured out the whole floatie thing.  They were both doing great with the floaties.  Maggie could swim around anywhere with them and Archer could too, I just wouldn't let him go more than an arms reach.  Once we moved to Wichita we joined the YMCA, but the only thing was you couldn't wear floaties at the pool.  You could only wear a life jacket.  :(  I thought that might really hurt our chances on Maggie and Archer learning to swim.  I thought that would mean that I would have to carry them around the pool the whole time... I was wrong.  Instead Maggie decides on her own to swim!  Archer will jump off the side and completely go under and is totally fine... in fact he LOVES it.  So if your kids are stressing you out at the pool or you are embarrassed because your kids are the only ones afraid of the water... just wait!  With time your kids will be little fish and little mermaids too. :)  
Thank you Honey and Coach for enrolling Hunter and Maggie in swimming lessons.  Thank you for driving them to the lessons everyday.  It really did pay off!!! Thank you!! 

P.S.  Maggie does not want to be called a fish.  She is a mermaid. :) 

Monday, August 26, 2013

School Days

Hooray for School!! 
I know I have posted a few school pictures in my Insta-Friday posts and if you follow me on Instagram I'm sure you have seen some of them, but I thought I would update you on Hunter's school! 

He is LOVING it!  
Frist day of school walking into the building with the whole family! :) 
I had picked out something for him to wear, but he really wanted to wear his football clothes.  He is carrying his homework that he worked on to bring for his first day. 
We were also told to kiss his hand before leaving that morning.  They read, 'The Kissing Hand' the first day. 

Finding his cubby and hook with his teacher, Mrs. Hills. 
It is a little different here in Kansas.  They have half day kindergarten!  Hunter goes in the morning.  He was ready for all day kinder, but I know God has us where he wants us. 

Finding his desk for the first time. 
Mrs. Hills room is candy themed!  Yum! :)

Starting his work for the day.  
He had a really great first day.  I picked him up the first day, but he really wanted to ride the bus the next day.  

So he road the bus home on the 2nd day.  He was so excited!  
The first week of school kindergarten only goes 3 days.  Depending on your last name you either started on Tuesday or Wednesday and then everyone came on Thursday and Friday.  Oh and school doesn't start until 8:45!!!  WooHoo!  

Hunter REALLY wanted to ride the bus to and from school, so on Monday we started that.  He was so excited!  Ben went to work a little late that morning to make sure he got on the bus and everything, we only had one car at the time. 

Walking to the bus stop. 
It's really just to the corner of our street.  
Can you kind of see him?? This was on the way to school!

On the way home he rides bus number 12.  He was excited that it was bus number 12 because it's Colt McCoy's Longhorn football number!  The lady who brings him home is super sweet! 

This is us just about every morning waiting for the bus. 

The guy who brings him to school is also very nice and knows everyone's name.  I am very impressed with the bus drivers!  At the beginning of the year they call you and tell you where to meet them and introduce themselves.  They even give you their phone number if you have any questions, and it's not their work number!  

Every morning we wait with 3 other little boys.  They all are excited to see each other.  

watching for the school bus

Giving Bubba one last hug before he goes off to school. 

There he goes! :) 
Our conversation after school on Friday...
Hunter:  My school is rich, Mama! 
Me:  It is?  Why do you say that?
Hunter:  Because there is a bathroom right by where we go to P.E.
Haha :) Love him! 

We are soooo incredibly proud of this boy!  He is doing so well and it seems like he has grown up A LOT these last 2 weeks.  Slow down, Hunter-man!!!  Don't grow up to fast! :) 

What do we do while Hunter is away??
Every morning after dropping Hunter off at the bus stop, we come home to this...
Kiddo at the door waiting for us.  Then Maggie and Archer both must ring the doorbell a few times before going inside. :) 

We normally do a little painting, coloring or play-doh. 

Lots of playing with potato heads or other toys. 

We definitely jump on the trampoline! 

We normally do a little reading. 
Some mornings we go for walks. 
I am ready to have my stroller so we can go for runs in the morning! 
If I know I'm not going to be able to run or go to the gym that day, we do a workout video.  Archer and Maggie both like "working out" with me. haha :) 

And lots of playing on the stairs. 
The kids LOVE playing on the stairs.  I think we could take away their toys and they would be happy as long as they have those stairs.  It's kind of crazy!! :) 

We do miss Hunter while he is gone.  It's so weird with him not being here, but I know he is having fun and learning a lot.  Archer asks where he is about 5 times every morning.  Hunter being in school makes the weekends just that much sweeter!  

Happy Monday, ya'll!!  
And to all of my Abilene friends, I hope you and all of your kids had a great first day of school today! 

Friday, August 23, 2013


Hooray for Friday!!!  
I am so thankful for Fridays now that Hunter is in school every day!  We have had a great week!  I hope you have too!  Here's a peek into our week...

This boy could watch his Daddy mow all day long. 

My stunting girl.  

Monday Hunter started riding the bus to school.  :)  He LOVED it! 

off to school! 

LOVE this sweet boy!!!

He's home!!! :) 

I LOVE to run.  LOVE it!!! Wish I could run EVERY day!  Praying my achilles heals quickly... I think I have tendonitis... it's painful... and so this is the only run I did this week. :(  TurboJam and Zumba at the gym instead. :(  Hurry and heal... I have a color run to run in October! 

We have this AMAZING park really close to our house!  So fun on Monday! 

Waiting for the school bus also known as the "cool bus."

I am enjoying every minute with my sweet kids!  Painting in the am with the littles...

painting in the pm with the big boy! So fun! :) 

back to school... back to school... to prove to dad that I'm no fool. 

Love. Love. Love. 

Going for a walk on Thursday morning. 

And yes, we took time to stop and smell the flowers! :) 

I forgot about all the awesome 2t clothes that I had hidden away waiting for Archer!  Thank you Hunter for the hand-me-downs! :) Archer is now ready for fall! 

Oh Happy Day!!!  Thursday we got our VAN BACK!!!!!  
We took it to the shop on August 6 to get it fixed from the crash by my sister-n-law on our Houston trip.  It was only 17 days with only 1 car... 17 days... 
Praise the Lord we have it back!!! :) 

Over an hour at Maggie's parents only preschool orientation on Thursday night.  They don't mess around here!  Meet the teachers is coming up next week.  

To celebrate a full week of school we headed to the pool this afternoon. :) 
Ending our Friday evening with some football and cheerleading!  Maggie got her toss hands tonight on the 2nd try!  Go Cowboys! :)

Have a great weekend ya'll! 

life rearranged