Friday, May 30, 2014

Insta-Friday May :)

So I haven't done an Insta-Friday since March!!  I decided to take a break because it seemed like that was the only post I was doing.  I thought I might bring it back, some... probably not every week, but Insta-Friday is BACK! :) 

So here is a peek at our weekS in May...
We have been taking lost of family run/stroll/bike rides this month!  We all LOVE it! :) So fun! 

Ben has starting making amazing sno-cones!!!  Yummy!!!  He started out with this big sno cones, but now makes them a lot smaller! 

We are always looking for bunnies and baby bunnies these days!  So fun!  
By the way bunnies love carrots (duh) but aren't to fond of watermelon... just fyi! :) 

Ballet Monday with our tiny dancer! 

Love to paint!!!  I love these cheap painting books from Michael's! 

Celebrated 10 years of marriage on May 8!!  WooHoo!!  Best. Day. Ever.  So fun! 

We started baseball in May! 
Yes, Hunter practices in a sandbox... seriously!  We miss Dixie Little League!  But he is having fun!

Field trip day at the zoo!!!  So fun!  Love my Hunter-man! 

Still got it!  Standing back!  I'll be doing back flips until I'm 80! :) 

These 3.... We are so blessed!!!!! 

Although I sometimes get upset when they both come and get in bed with me (I say with me because Ben doesn't know they are there.  They sleep on top of me.) I know I am going to miss it one day!  

My favorite class at the Y is Fierce!  Love it!!!  It hurts so good!  Oh and yes, I need a tan!!!!! 

We had to try out the trampoline park... and yes, WE LOVED IT!!!!! 

Last day of school for Maggie-Moe! :) 

Maggie did amazing in her first dance recital!!!  Love that girl to the moon and back!! 

Coach brought the kids a tent... now we just need to camp out! :)  They LOVE playing in it!! 

Swimming at the Y!  We have been to the outside water park, but it's cold for these Texas kids! 

I can't believe how much he has changed this year!  Last day of school!!!!  
Schools. Out. For. Summer. 

Lots of running in May! 

Boys... they LOVE bugs.  All those black things are beetles!  
Meanwhile... I still HATE bugs! 

Skating and gator riding... one of their favorite things at Coach and Honey's house. 

This boy... LOVE him! 

Our Summer reading and bucket list are posted!  Hooray for summer!!! 

1st of many baseball games!  Go Hunter-man!!!! 

Ending this Friday with a run/stroll/bike ride at the park today!  

Over all we have had a great May!!! 
Bring on Summertime!!! 
Have a great weekend, everyone! :) 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hello First Grade!

Hunter has been out of school for over a week but I never posted about his last week of school... so here we go! 

Hunter was so excited to celebrate his birthday with his friends from school last Monday!  
He got to wear the birthday hat and I brought the class some ice cream cake pops to have as a snack to celebrate!  He was so excited!!  I'm so glad it worked out and he was able to celebrate with his school friends!  Now, I have got to get out the real birthday invites for his party in June! WooHoo! :) 

Tuesday was Field Day!!  Yay! Hunter was so, so excited for field day!  I was so excited I was able to go and watch.  Archer was excited to go watch, too!  
Hunter couldn't wait to wear his new Spiderman under armor.  Here he is with some of his buddies! 

Hunter's favorite event was... the football toss.  Of course! :)  He was exited he scored 200 points.  He is so funny!  And boy does he LOVE football! 

Go Parker and Hunter!!! 

Over all I think he had a great field day!  
After their morning outside they came in for a beach party in their classroom!  I didn't get any pictures, but they had a great party! :) So fun! 

Wednesday was his last day of school!!  I can't believe how much he has changed since his first day of school, and I really can't believe he is a first grader!?!  How could that be???  He is growing up so fast. I'm trying not to blink! 

After school, Archer and I picked up him at the bus stop and surprised him for lunch with Daddy at one of his favorite places, Chuck-E-Cheese! 

They both had so much fun!!  
To be totally honest... i hate that place, but I was so happy to celebrate an awesome year with our handsome first grader!  

We are so, so very proud of our Hunter-man!  I can't wait to see what God has in store for him!!  It's going to be great!!!  I don't want to miss a minute of it! :) 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Animal Crackers in My Soup

So I'm still playing catch up on the old blog... :(  Maybe I'll catch up this week... maybe... 

Last weekend we had Maggie's dance recital!  WooHoo!  We were so proud of our Maggie girl! 

This little lady was so excited she would not take a nap the day of her dress rehearsal... well except for the short, short nap to the high school. :) 

So most of these pictures are actually from her dress rehearsal.  During the recital we were not allowed to take flash photography or video the performance.  Boo!  She did great during both performances however she did her best at the recital! 

Getting ready to dance!!! 

Maggie danced to "Animal Crackers in My Soup" and she did sing along while she danced.  

At the end of her dress rehearsal she got her medal and was told she could move up to the next level. 
Here is the video I got of Maggie's dance routine!!  We were so proud of her!!
She did even better during her real routine!  In the confusion of the dress rehearsal she was put in the wrong spot.  I think that confused her a little.  She still knew her routine! :)  

Here she is getting ready for the real performance!! 

She's in the program!!! Go Mags! 

Right after her big dance! 

She was excited to have Coach and Honey there to watch! 

With her pretty flowers she got from Coach and Daddy!  

Of course we had to get some stunt pictures! :) 

Way to go, Maggie!! 
I think I may add some wings to this costume and she can be Tinker Bell! 

We were so proud of Maggie this year during her dance class!!  She listened to her teacher and really tried her best!  I was a little worried about her because she was one of the youngest in her class, but she did amazing!!