Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

I can't believe Christmas is already over!  Boo!!!  We love Christmas at the Jennings' house!!  It was a very sad day yesterday, taking everything down! :( Sad, sad day!  So here a post about Christmas morning!

This year our Christmas kind of had a theme: JOY!  We are so thankful for our 3 joyful kids!!!  I can hardly believe this is our life.  We LOVE every moment of it!  Joy to the World for the Lord has come!!  We love celebrating Jesus' birthday!  Maggie would stop and point out baby Jesus wherever she went this year.  I am so thankful that my kids know why we celebrate Christmas.  It's not because of the gifts or just about Santa, it's the birth of the King! 

So Christmas Eve night we let the kids open one gift each.  They were so excited! 

Archer carried his present around before opening it.  So funny! 

Maggie was so excited to get her Brave toy. 

Archer pulled off most of the paper.  

note to self... even if Hunter wants/needs a new towel, do not give it to him as a Christmas present.  He was not to happy about his new towel! :(  I really thought he was opening something else besides the towel.  Next year, I'll make sure it's something exciting. 

We got our chocolate chip cookies and milk out for Santa.  The apples are for the reindeer. 

They were all to excited for a picture.  They were ready for bed so that Santa could come. 

You wanna cookie???

Santa came!!! 

Hunter was still asleep! 

She got her "Sleeping Beauty bike"!

and he wore this helmet ALL. DAY. LONG. no joke!!!  I thought he was going to sleep in it! 

tackling the tackle dude into the new TeePee!!  I don't have any good pictures of the teepee, but the kids LOVE it!  I think Archer likes it the most, but we have all played and played in it.  I think we might let the big kids camp out in it tomorrow. :)

More presents...

The gift I thought he was opening on Christmas Eve...

cute boy all Christmasy! 

We had such a great Christmas day.  It snowed!!  Just a tiny bit, but there was a little white on the ground.  We mainly stayed inside and played with new toys while watching Christmas movies!  It was awesome!!  

Oh and I have to brag on my sweet husband... well we had told each other "NO PRESENTS!"  Well guess who didn't listen!??  He got me my awesome
but he knew that I am the one who pays our bills and everything.  So every time he would go to Target, he would buy the things he needed plus he would get a $20 gift card.  He has been doing this for MONTHS!  I had no idea!  Then with the gift cards he went in a got the Keurig.  I am still in shock... and a little upset that he got me this awesome gift and I didn't get him anything spectacular.  Next year, Ben!  Next year... watch out! :) 

Here is a video from when the kids walked into see what Santa brought.  It's really long and I'm really only posting it for me. :)  You are welcome to watch, but it is super long!! 

Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Insta-Friday: Elfie Edition

Elfie, our elf on a shelf, has been here since the day after Thanksgiving.  The kids LOVE him!  He is so much fun!  So instead of my normal InstaFriday, I thought we would have an elf edition so you can see what Elfie has been up to.  lol :) So much fun! 

These aren't all the Elfie pictures, but here are some. :)  

riding on our 'reindeer'

one of the kids favorites

ice cream, anyone?!?

just hanging around

we did have a little scare with this one!  elfie started hanging down a little bit!  the kids had to go away so he could fix himself. :) oops! 

ready for the count down to Christmas! 

another kids favorite!  don't worry, Logan told him to not drink anymore syrup! 

Snow angels

hunter liked this one, too! 

how did he fly up in hunter's tree while maggie and hunter were sleeping???  he must be a very quiet flyer!

having a hard time at school, maggie?  Elfie can help! :)

sitting with his princess

after watching the heisman award ceremony, elfie wanted a trophy of his own! 

Another fav!  roasting marshmallows

Elfie was glad we finally got our tree!

borrowing Minnie's scooter 


The REAL reason of the season. 


Elfie is a Jennings! 

Someone got into the M&Ms, however we took care of the mess!  Yum! 

Elfie hurt his knee while riding the zip-line and had to go to the hospital at the North Pole. :(  Sad day!  So Honey and Coach's elf, Ralph is taking his spot while we are in Gainesville.  (oops!! whatever works! lol) 

Our littlest Elf tonight playing in the kitchen! 

Hope you all are making sweet memories this Christmas!! 

life rearranged

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gingerbread House 2012

So this morning we finally made our Gingerbread house!!  Whoohoo!  We have been decorating a gingerbread house for a couple of years now.  The kids love it and so do I!  We had a lot of fun this morning... ohh and we ate some m&ms too! :) 

I put together the house last night so that it would dry enough for all the candy this morning.  I do have to say, Target gingerbread houses are MUCH better than the Wilton kind!!!!  This one was super easy and I loved the bag of icing!  You don't have to make it!!  

Archer watched and ate way to many m&ms! :) shhh don't tell! 

Hunter did most of the decorating. 

We take this seriously! :) 

Archer helped by making our snowman look more real... he made it look a little melty. 

Gingerbread house 2012

even the back got decocted this year! 

I really think we are getting better and better every year!  haha :)

Oh and if you want to read a very cute Christmas book about a gingerbread house check out 

It's one of our favorite!  

Merry Christmas, everyone! :)