Monday, July 29, 2013

Houston Trip! Summer 2013 :)

So this past week the kids and I went on our tradition Houston trip, but this time it was without Daddy. We missed him so, so much but were so blessed by Nana and Grumpy.  I am so thankful for them and so blessed to have gotten to spend a week with them.  Here is a peek at our trip. 
The kids were able to attend another Vacation Bible School this summer but this time it was at Daddy's old church, Second Baptist.  Hunter went all 4 days and loved every minute of it!  He had the BEST time!  

Monday, Maggie got to go with her sweet cousin Gracie to ballet and tap class.  God is so good! Maggie had been wanting to go to ballet all summer and I had planned on letting her do a dance camp, but then we moved.  She was so excited to get to go with Gracie!  This picture is not the best... we skipped nap :(  She really did have a great time! 
Everyone was ready for VBS on Tuesday! 

Here is Uncle David's Dog waiting for me to get ready on Tuesday morning.  We all enjoyed Dog this week!  He is such a good dog! 

Hunter with his Breastplate of Righteousness.  He received the full armor of God this week. So fun! 

Gracie girl before dance again on Tuesday!  

On the way to ballet/tap on Tuesday!  Maggie got to go with Gracie 2 times!! :) So fun! 
The next few pictures are from dance.  They aren't the best pictures because I took them through a window.  I think she had fun! 

Holding hands with Gracie! Love it! 

Time for tap! :) 

Shuffle... Shuffle... Shuffle

Heal Toe... Heal Toe...

More Shuffle... shuffle

After dance on Tuesday we headed to the pool!  Hunter was ready to show everyone how well he can swim! 
And we had pizza picnic too! 

Maggie with Dog on Wednesday!  She kept saying, "This is my dog!"  Watch out Uncle David! :) 

We were going to go to the beach on Wednesday, but ended up at the pool instead.  Maggie is a little fish!

And so is Archer!!!  He LOVES the water! 

This boy jumped off the diving board about a million times! :) 

Archer wanted a ride from Dog on Friday morning! :) 

Ending our Friday with Bomb Pops on the swing! :) 

Sleepy kids Friday night! :)  Love my sweet babies so much! 
Ready to celebrate my sweet niece's 3rd birthday on Saturday morning!! :)

Gracie had an air castle for her party and so we tried it out before everyone got there... you know just in case it didn't bounce good. :)
Happy 3rd Birthday, Gracie!!!  We love you so, so much!!!  

After the party and naps it was pool time on Saturday evening!  Maggie taught Grumpy how to stunt!!  Go Cowboys! :) 

Nana was having fun with the boys! 

Maggie loves her Grumpy! 
So fun! 
Sunday we made the drive back to Lindsay in time to pick up Coach and Honey from the airport.  The Teen Beach Movie soundtrack helped make the drive more bearable! 

We had such a wonderful week in Houston!!  Honestly I did not take enough pictures... we were to busy having fun making memories!  I am so blessed by my family!  I can't thank you enough, Nana and Grumpy for having us this week!  We love you so much and can't wait to see you again soon!! :) 

Friday, July 19, 2013


Hooray for the weekend!!  
It's time for an Insta-Friday post! 
Here's a peek into our week....

So as you might already know from on this post... Daddy came to Gainesville on Friday night last week.  Saturday was a great, great day!!!  Archer loved the ribs! :) 

We were hoping to go back to the pool on Sunday, but it was raining... :(  
So we did lots of flips for Daddy instead! :) 

Having fun with Daddy!! 

We were all sad on Sunday evening when Daddy had to go home... so we watched a little Wreck-it Ralph! 

And played in some puddles! :) 

No pictures on Monday... Sorry!  
But let me tell you what we did!  My sweet Daddy drove me to Abilene in the rain both ways to so I could sign and close on our Abilene house.  Abilene was supposed to get LOTS of rain (and I think they did) and my Daddy didn't want me driving there by myself, so he went with me.  Or more like drove me.  I had so much fun with him!  He told me lots of great stories!  I am so blessed to have such a great Daddy!!  Thank you Lord for my Dad!!! :) 

Looks like Archer was going for a run on Tuesday! :)  He took this pic and picked the filter.  

lots of riding the plasma cars this week!  
I wish I had one to ride! :) 

My roommate until we move!  I love this Sleeping Beauty! 

Wednesday morning run in 71 degree temps. :)  I'm starting to like running hills! 
Hunter has been doing swimming lessons for the last 2 weeks with Sara.  He has improved so, so much!!  He is no long afraid of the water!  He can swim!!!  Swimming post coming soon! :) 

Wednesday afternoon Honey, Maggie and I did a little shopping! 

Ready for his last day of swimming lessons.  

#tbt  CCA North Carolina Camp 2005!  Love CCA staff so much!  Miss everyone so much!! 

The cows were warning me today by not being out this morning!!!  It was WAY too hot!!!  But I got my run in and I'm ready for Ben to come in for the weekend!!!!  WooHoo!!! :) 

I hope you have a great weekend, everyone!!!! 

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