Friday, February 22, 2013


Bring on the weekend and bring back Insta-Friday!  
I missed last week so I thought I would combine the last two.  

So what have we been up to... 

American Girl doll playing... 

sweet boy time traveling...

bar swinging...
Valentine making...
(Valentine post here.)

tee-pee camping...

Super Hero jumping...

windy, shorts wearing running...

Daddy's heart stealing...
(I go to the store with Maggie, she comes home with a $.50 lollipop.  Ben takes Maggie to the store, she comes home with a giant princess balloon.  She's got him wrapped around her finger! Love it!)

family movie watching...

dentist visiting...
(Dentist post here.)
shark fishing...

and squeaky clean lion roaring.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks, but I wouldn't change anything.  I love our life!  
Have a great weekend, everyone! 

life rearranged

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What we did Wednesday!

Wednesday was dentist day!!  WooHoo! :) 
Hunter and Maggie both got to see Dr. Proctor.  Hunter always does so good!  He has been practicing opening his mouth really wide for Dr. Proctor. :)  He makes me smile!  

So cool! 
Hunter went first!  His teeth look great!  He does such a good job brushing.  

Next up...
Maggie Moe!!! 
This was her first time to see the dentist.  She did AWESOME!!!  

Maggie is our spicy child.  She is very hard headed and she knows what she wants.  It has been so hard to get her to let me brush her teeth.  Just getting a toothbrush in her mouth was a chore.  Not to long ago I got her this...
She has gotten sooo much better!!  She let's me get those "Sugar Bugs" now.  I just wish she would have let me brush sooner! 

Maggie got to play a little bit while waiting on Dr. Proctor to come count her teeth. 

She got a little nervous at the end and so Bubba got in the chair with her and held her hand.  He is the best! :)  

So how did they look... aka how well is Mom and Dad brushing their teeth... Well Hunter has perfect teeth!  He looks great!!  Maggie has one cavity. :(  boo!  We will have to get that fixed soon!  Anyone want to take her to get her cavity filled???  Anyone??  I think Daddy should take her?  What do you think? 

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Day of Love...

Valentine's Day!  The day of Love!  
We really love Heart day around here and a lot goes into it.   This year Hunter and Maggie helped a lot!  We got on Pinterest and picked out which Valentines we liked and wanted to make. 

Hunter picked these bug ones.  He was so funny making them.  He wrote everyone's name on theirs and signed his name.  He also picked out who got which bug... that was the funny part!!  "For Averi, the spider because she messes with me all the time!"  :)  Love that big boy! 

Maggie picked out these, but I couldn't find star shaped sunglasses.  So what do you do???  Get the heart shaped ones and have Daddy make a pdf and a quote for her very own original cards. 
They say, "Oh, Valentine you make my heart shine!"

I found Archer's here.  I didn't take a picture of it by itself.  I thought everyone could use some more gold fish for the one year olds. 

Next we had to make the traditional Valentine's Day shirts...  
Maggie is all into dresses!  She would wear one every, single day if I would let her.  She really likes the ones that twirl! :)  Anyway... I found this Heart Day dress and thought Maggie could actually help me this year!  So that's what we did! 

She was so excited!!! Last weekend I found a pink dress at Gap Outlet for Miss Maggie to paint and I followed the tutorial from Little Pink Monster.  

Hunter was so excited to paint his 'Love' shirt too!  I found the clipart from my Silhouette machine.  (I LOVE my silhouette!!!!)  He did such a great job!  As soon as he was done he wanted to make another one.  This boy loves to paint! 

I painted Archer's shirt!  
I'm super sad I didn't get a picture of all 3 of them wearing their Heart Day outfits! :(  I don't know what I was thinking!!!  

Last up, teacher's gifts!  I made 11 of these babies!!  Lots of awesome teachers up at Beltway and one superwomen at HSU got these jars.  What did I get for making them... Yummy Starbucks Frappuccino! It's a Win = Win! 

I am so especially thankful for Hunter's amazing teacher, Ms. Brandy!  She is seriously the best!!!  And she couldn't do it all without the help of Stefani!  I was so excited that I got to go to Hunter's party for a few minutes.  She had the party at 1:30, which I am totally saying it was so that I could come.  My class party was at 2.  Thank you, Brandy!!! 

Hunter was so excited to see me!  Made my day!!!  Here he is leading prayer with his friends at school. 
This picture is blurry, but it's his last Valentine's party at preschool. :(  He's growing way to fast!!! 

We ended out night with yummy homemade pizza!  Hey this is the easiest way to get my kids to eat!  Let them make the food!  So fun and easy and they actually eat it! :) 

So what did Ben and I get for each other... 
Well I made mini cheesecakes!  so yummy!!!  And Ben stuck with his awesome tradition and made chocolate dipped strawberries.  YUM!!!!  Great ending to a great day!  

I still think these Valentines that Ben made were the BEST from a couple of years ago.  Next year, I think I want to use a picture Valentine again. 

Here are some past Heart Day posts:

Hope you all had a great Heart Day!  

Friday, February 8, 2013


Can you believe it is February???  I mean really... wasn't it just Christmas???  
Anyway... here's a peek at our week :)

Last basketball game Saturday!!  Go Cowboys!!! 

Baseball sign-ups for Big Bro so Little Bro wore his helmet around ALL morning Saturday! :)  
Love this Little Bro! :) 

Picnic at the park on Sunday!  checking out the monkeys! 

Cutie was excited to eat cereal on Monday.

Maggie loves gymnastics Mondays! 

Maggie was busy baking after dinner on Monday!  Wish it were real...

Teddy Bear Tuesday at school!  :) 

Some may call it shopping... I call it research.  Love the Varsity catalog! 

These two....  well at least if a baseball comes flying, they will be ready! 

Love snuggle time after naps!!!  My favorite time of the day! 

I was in trouble Thursday!!!  These two were after me! :) 

It was Dr. Seuss Day in Hunter's class!!  He brought his favorite Dr. Seuss book, "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas."

First they were fighting over the box... then they were both playing in it. 

Happy boy loves to play with Maggie! 

Nice afternoon run on Friday to end the week.  

Have a great weekend, everyone! :) 

life rearranged

Friday, February 1, 2013

Insta-Friday February 1st

Another crazy, busy week for the Jennings!  Here's a peak at our week...

Two sweet kids waiting for Coach and Honey to get here.  They couldn't wait to play with them while Daddy was at a board meeting and I was with the cheerleaders. :) 

Love my cheerleaders!  Hardin-Simmons Fighting Cowboys, YeeHaw! 

Pancakes for dinner after Awanas! Love my favorite Sparkie! 

(for some reason this pic didn't save to my phone so I had to take a picture of it...) 
Great way to start the week with these 5 amazing kids!  Love them all! 

back at the gym on Monday! 

the last bit of Christmas Blend going in the coffee canister... LOVE. THIS. STUFF.

Getting ready for Dixie Little league on Monday evening! :) 

A much needed run after a busy Monday! 

best way to get everyone to eat dinner... have them make it!!  Pizza night on Monday! 

Hunter didn't have homework on Tuesday, but insisted he needed to make something.  This is what he made!!!  LOVE my big boy soooo much!!!

baking Wednesday for school on Thursday.  So glad I remembered to put them in the car so they actually made it to school. 
A good day at school got everyone an ice cream cone from "Chick-a-la" says Maggie.  This was Archer's first time to get to hold and eat one by himself.  He was surprisingly clean.  He ate it ALL!

Another basketball game on Thursday.  Love my seniors.  Gonna miss them next year! 

Giddy up Cowboy!!!  He loves riding the rocking horse!  (friday)

who loves gold fish???  these kids!!! 

Love my runs!!  Especially when i get to run in shorts!!!  Come on Spring!!! 

3 bubbly kids to end our Friday!  Love them!!! 

Tomorrow is baseball sign ups!!  Woohoo!!  And the last basketball game of the season.  We have cheered at 12 games in the last 15 days... I absolutely LOVE my job and LOVE my amazing cheerleaders, however I am glad to have a little break!  

Have a great weekend, everyone! 

life rearranged