Friday, July 27, 2012

Insta-Friday :) Last week in July 2012

This week we have been visiting family in Houston.  We have had such a great time!  
Take a peek at our week...
Saturday morning run before the long drive to Houston

On our way...

Big car wreck so Hunter took a pic for us. 

Fun with sweet Gracie on Saturday evening
Sunday lunch for Grumpy's Birthday

Pool time after naps

This girl LOVES to stunt! 
LOVE this sleepy boy!

Catching lizards with Brooke before she and David had to leave on Monday :(

Ready to see some dinosaurs on Tuesday

Hunter was so excited! 

Daddy and Momma date to Ikea on Wednesday

I picked this up while we were out!  Can. Not. Wait.  :)
Beach Day Thursday

1st day at the beach!  He ate a little sand :)

pretty girl loving the beach

Hunter has become a little fish this week.  he loves the water! 

I am really hoping they all do this

all the way home tomorrow.  We have a long drive back.  

More beach and trip pictures coming soon.  
Have a great weekend, everyone!  

Oh and the Olympics start tonight!!  WooHoo!!!!  
Men's gymnastics starts Saturday! 
Women's gymnastics starts Sunday!!!  You know what we'll be doing... :) 

life rearranged

Monday, July 23, 2012

10 months!!!

My baby is 10 months old!!!!  Where has the time gone??!

It's so much harder to take his picture laying on this quilt now.  He wiggles around and tries to crawl off.  I think we got a few good pics. 

You are getting so big, Archer-man!  You weigh in at 24 lbs.  You are still wearing size 3 diapers, but only because I am trying to get through them so we can move up to 4s.  You still like baby food, but have been eating table food too.  You like cheese quesadillas and friut! 

You are getting close to walking!  I'm not ready for that!  You stand everywhere and will cruise around while holding on to something.  

You also stand by yourself at times. 

You LOVE your big brother!!!  And he loves you, too! :)  You are such a blessing!  Now please stop growing so much!  I want you to stay little forever. :) 

Friday, July 20, 2012


Busy, Busy, Busy! 
Crazy week... Take a peek at our week! 
Our big kids were still at Coach and Honey's... we were missing them like crazy!!

late night run on Saturday

finished my sign for the kids bathroom 
love :)

love love love my running partner on monday!

having fun at vbs

loves playing in the sand!

ready for a run on Tuesday!

cute boy! 

my baby girl is home on Wednesday!!

must. play. baseball. in the backyard. with daddy!

time to stunt! 

early morning run on Thursday

to the zoo!
looking at the flamingos!

my brave big kids... yuck!

archer loves the peacock! 

loving my early morning run on Friday

sweet, sweet happy boy!!  almost 10 months! :)

Yay for a great week!  

life rearranged

Hunter and the car crash...

On the way to the Zoo yesterday...

Hunter:  Mom, I wish we would crash this truck and get a bus.

Me:  A bus??  Like that yellow one, pointing to the school bus parked at the Zoo.

Hunter:  Yes!!!  Then Archer can sit in the front, Maggie in the middle and I will sit in the back so Maggie can't pinch me.

Keep wishing, Hunter!  There is no way you will catch me driving one of these!!  

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Look what Archer learned to do!!  

He was so excited and kept doing it over and over again!  Such a sweet boy!! We are so blessed!!!

Have a great Thursday, everyone! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Gymnastics

before you read this post, go to itunes and play some Olympic music while reading.  lol :) 

So this summer Hunter, Maggie and Logan took gymnastics every Monday for 6 weeks.  It was great!  I honestly don't know who liked it more, the kids or me.  I had so much fun hanging out with Julie while watching our cute kids.  Here are lots pictures from gymnastics!  

Seriously... Olympic music. :) 

First Day

End of the first day... they were super excited about the candy and were just a little sweaty :)

Maggie and Logan's favorite (I think) The trampoline! 

pictures with the good camera....
Stretching :) 

Hunter loved gymnastics, but he was ready to do some boys events!  He is going to be in the boys class this fall, we hope! 

Over all they all had a great time!  Now we are ready to watch the Olympics!