Monday, September 8, 2014

Maggie & Archer's first day of School 2014

Maggie and Archer had their first day of school on Wednesday! 
Maggie is going 3 days a week at our church and Archer is going one day a week at our YMCA!  They both had a great day!  Here are a few pictures! :) 

Maggie was so excited!  She loves school!  

This was Maggie's favorite picture I took that day!  :)  
I can't believe this is the last year of pre-school for my sweet girl! 

Archer was so excited to go to school, too!  Last year he was to young to go to school anywhere and I think he missed it!  So this year he is going to Mom's Day Out at the Y.  He gets to go swimming and play in the gymnastics gym.  

Yay!  Archer!! 

Maggie by her hook. 

And with one of her teachers, Mrs. Fraze!  
She had a great 1st day!  She learned a really cute caterpillar song that she has been singing all weekend! 

Archer wouldn't take any more pictures once we got to the Y.  
He did have fun, though!  He swam, playing on the trampolines and pits and painted with ice cubes!  

Over all we had a successful first day all around!!  Praying this year goes slow... they are all growing way to fast!  I'm just going to enjoy every minute! :) 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Insta-Friday: August!

How in the world can it be September already!?!  I can't believe it!  Crazy!! 

Here's a peek at our August... Enjoy! :) 

We started our August with some football... duhh! 

And a sweet but to short visit from Cousin Gracie!  Slumber Party in Mag's room!  

This kid finished his Summer Reading and won a trip to... 

The trampoline park!  

We tried to skip some naps... however that didn't always work! :) 

We decorated some PTO bulletin boards... 

and went swimming a lot, a lot, a lot!!! 

We also did a little gymnastics! 

And we met our teacher! 

We had a blast with Katie!  
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We had our first day of first grade!!  
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And our first day of parent pick-up...

As well as riding the bus to school! 

We did lots more swimming!  He's a little fish! 

And some awesome lawn mowing!

We had fun running and playing at the park! 

Even more gymnastics and cannon balls into the pit! 

Lots of morning walks to the bus stop! 

Fun board games...

awesome morning park runs.

And we officially started football season! 

More gymnastics practice... 

Another awesome park run with this cool guy working right beside the trail! 

We had some lunch with our Hunter-man at his school in the real cafeteria! 

And we ended with more swimming!  

August was awesome!  We are so blessed!  I'm sad to see it go, but September is going to be Magical!!!!