Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tanganyika with Katie :)

We had been planning on going to Tanganyika with Katie all summer but it never seemed to work out for us to go until the last Friday before school started.  Hooray for a fun day with Katie! 

First stop... the Kangaroos!!! 

They were so soft! 

It was so neat!  you could walk right up and pet them.  Archer loved to watch the hop around!  

Maggie loved the bunnies! 

Then we went and fed the birds.  

Archer found a snake to pet on the way to the lemurs. 

Next up was Lemur Island!  

The lemurs would jump on you and walk around.  It was really cool. 

We fed them cranberries. 

Next up was the Rhino! 

Time for the giraffes! 

I loved seeing the baby leopards!!  So cute! 

Over all we had a great day with Katie!!  We are ready to go back!  Katie, let us know when you have a free weekend! :) 

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