Wednesday, September 8, 2010

1st day of school... 1st day of school!

1st Day of School

Hunter was so excited!  He could hardly stand it!  

He couldn't wait to show his friends his new pirate shirt! =)

Maggie wore her new outfit, too!  It was a little (kind of a lot) to big.  

not the best picture but the only one of them together showing off their outfits

Smile Mags!!!

Smiling at Bubba!

We had a pretty good first day yesterday!  Hunter did awesome!  He is in the jelly fish class this year with a lot of his friends from last year.  His teachers kept saying how well he did.  He made a paper plate apple with a worm in it! =)

Maggie did okay.  She played and played!  She also ate really well, which is what I was worried about.  I didn't know how she would do eating.  But she did not nap!  Like did not sleep AT ALL!  I thought for sure she would nap when we got home yesterday, but still no luck.  She had a really hard time going to bed last night.  I think she was so tired she just couldn't sleep.  She is so sleepy this morning.  I am praying that she does better on Thursday.  Bless her heart! 

I had a good day!  I love my class!  They are so cute and fun.  I think we are all going to have a great year. 

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