Monday, September 6, 2010

Comin' at ya like a whirl wind...

Sorry so long between posts!  Hopefully this week will finally slow down some so I can blog more!  Last week was a little crazy, again!  So what all did we do...

Monday, Hunter was feeling MUCH better!  And we got to play with Logan!!!  Yay!  He is super cute!  Here's a picture... or 2
playing at the kitchen =)

What are you two getting into???

Monday night we had cheerleading try-outs.  We were SOOO glad Honey and Coach were in town to keep the kids.  It worked out perfect!  Coach had to work out in West TX so they came through on Monday afternoon.  
Tuesday was a work day at Beltway so the kids stayed home with Honey and played.  I am teaching 2 year olds at Beltway this year!  I am super excited but also a little nervous about Maggie.  She is so little!  I hope she does okay!  Anyway... Maggie also went to the doctor Tuesday morning!  It was supposed to be her 9 month check up, but she is a little over 10 months now.  She weighs 17 lbs 2 oz (10%) and is 26 inches long (10%) but her head was in the 90% (I don't know the measurements).  Other than being small and short she looked great!  And since she has a big head... that just means she is going to be very smart! =)  Coach got done with his rigs so he and Honey went home Tuesday afternoon. =(
Wednesday was another work day.  Both kids went and played.  Maggie did really well, but she had a little fall.  She has a nice little carpet burn on her nose. :(  Hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow since it's the first day of school.  Hunter LOVED every minute of school. We had cheerleading practice on Wednesday night and Ben had kid duty.  Well... he did until I called him about 7:45 saying we had some guys come in and want to cheer and I needed his help!  He got the kids out of the bath and came on out to HSU.  Ohh yeah... And Maggie walked 5 steps that night!!!!  Okay... I have only seen her walk about 3 steps, but Ben says she walked!  I will keep you posted on that one. 
Thursday morning we got to play with Logan again, but he was sick. :(  I think we gave him the stomach bug! =(  And I had bleached everything I could!  I felt so bad!!  Then Thursday afternoon the kids and I left for Gainesville.  Ben had to work all weekend with football stuff, so we thought it would be a good weekend to be out of town.  We had a great time in Gainesville and I got to do a little shopping!  Yay!  
We came home yesterday to a CLEAN HOUSE!!!  Yes, you read correctly!  Ben cleaned the house!!!  He is amazing!  I knew I was going to come home and have to clean, but no!  He did it all!  Today we have been able to just enjoy each other!!!  Thank you, Ben!!!! 
This week should be a little easier!  1st day of school tomorrow!!  Logan comes to play on Wednesday!  Then our first home football game on Saturday!  I'll be posting pictures of the kids first day of school tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest!  Sorry for such a weird blog post...  just thought ya'll would like to know what we have been up to! 

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