Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego??

Does anyone remember that tv show or computer game?? 
Well check out these pictures...
Beautiful fall leaves... Did we go on vacation???

Umm... not that I know of...
Ohh wait... that is our little tree in the front yard!  Ben and I have been watching this tree change.  I wish we would have taken pictures everyday because it has changed colors everyday!  Crazy!  I don't think it was near this pretty last year!  Maybe the wind blew too hard last year... I think I will enjoy our pretty little tree this fall.  Who knows, all the leaves might be gone by Friday.

So on to our wonderful Sunday!
Ben and I just enjoyed being with the kids today!  Maggie had been sick the night before (I don't know if it was a stomach bug or just something she ate, but she is a big girl now... the stomach bug as a big girl = super gross!) so we did not go to church this morning.  =(  We will be watching in online either tomorrow or Tuesday! (  So anyway... I got an early start on laundry while Ben played and played and played with the Hunter-man! 
They played with this giant teddy bear one of my awesome cheerleaders gave to Hunter to start off the morning... and then once it warmed up out they went!

Hunter is getting better at football!  He LOVES it!  

He will now tell you just how you need to catch the right way and how your need to hold the football when you throw a pass like Colt McCoy!
He can throw really well now!  

And he is "super fast like Dash!"

hehe =)

I love this sweet football player!

So while we were outside Maggie was sleeping (don't worry I had the door open and kept checking on her every few minutes!).  Then once we went in and ate lunch it was time for Hunter's nap so we got some Maggie time...
Maggie loves to go find her baby!  She will find the baby's eyes and point and say "eyes" and then she claps for herself!  So cute! 

She also loves her new chair!  She sits in it all the time and she also climbs in Hunter's too!

My sweet baby girl!  She is feeling MUCH better!

She likes riding her horse... 

but i think she likes pushing it around the room more!

My Sweet Maggie Rose!

And she loves giving me kisses and the blowing on my face to make noises.  She is so sweet!!!!
Well it is getting pretty late and we have a very busy week this week! 

Bye Bye!  See you soon! :)

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