Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

So I really wanted to post this last week, but never had a chance to sit down and do it... So anyway here we go!

Last Saturday we (meaning Daddy and Uncle David) put up our Christmas lights!!  Yay!  They look awesome!!  I wish I had a picture!  Now let me remind you of last years lights... well i didn't take ANY pictures because I was a little embarrassed.  They were sooo ghetto!  They were this blueish color... some blinked... some faded in and out... and they didn't plug in end to end so Ben had to rig it with all of these extension cords.  Yeah... it was awful!  This year we have the multi colored LED lights.  I wanted to do colored lights because back when I was a kid my Daddy put up the old school big colored lights and I loved them.  I thought Hunter and Mags would like the colored lights the best. :)  And we got a blow up Mickey!  Hunter and Maggie were so excited!!!  Here is Maggie when she saw the Mickey for the first time...
Look at that sweet girl! :)  She LOVES it! 
Hunter with Mickey... kind of a goofy smile! :)

Then last Sunday we went and picked out our Christmas tree!  

Hunter picked the tree and then was hoping that Alvin and the chipmunks lived in our tree!  He is so funny! :)

We had a great time picking a tree and decorating it!  Hunter was a big help this year, and Maggie had done really well!  She hasn't taken too many ornaments off... yet! :)

We are ready for Christmas!!!

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