Friday, September 23, 2011

Blessed and a funny!

Welcome Archer Daniel Jennings!!! 
Today was the day!  Archer's birthday!  We are so incredibly blessed!  

Archer Daniel Jennings
Born at 7:46 am
8 lbs 4 oz. 
20 inches long

I can't wait to tell you all about our amazing day, but you see I have this monitor on my pointer finger on my right hand.  Typing is a little hard.  :( So instead I will tell u a short funny story that happened today. 

And yes, it is about these 2!  Maggie did amazing today with Archer!  Thank you all for the prayers about Mags and how she was going to do with baby Archer.  Please keep them up.  Anyways... So I was holding Archer in bed this afternoon and Maggie just had to join us.  It was so sweet.  And then out of nowhere Maggie leaned over and honked Archer's nose!!  She grabbed it and said "honk"!  It was so cute!  She honks mine, Daddy's and Bubba's noses all the time, but I didn't think she would try to get Archers just yet.  Watch out Archer!!  :)  It won't be long and Archer will be honking Mag's nose. 

Here is Hunter and Archer!  Hunter got to watch Julie (the BEST nurse and SWEETEST friend) give Archer a bath.  Then once he was warm, Hunter got to be the first one to hold him!!  He loved every minute of it! 

Okay and I couldn't write a blog post without mentioning this guy.  I have the greatest husband and my kids have the best daddy on earth.  Thank you Lord for such an amazing best friend who I get to spend my life with.  I am without words!  Thank you Lord for your many, many blessings!!

More about sweet baby Archer coming soon! :)

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  1. So sweet. Love reading your blog miss katie. :) can't wait for more pix & stories. :))