Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Archer's 1st week

Yay!  We survived our first week as a family of five!!!  And just look at this little guy...
He is perfect!  I think so anyway... 

So we really did have a great week, but I will say it was hard.  I am so thankful that my mom was here all week and that Ben was off on Monday and Tuesday.  I don't know how, but I completely forgot how hard the first night at home is.  I mean... this is my 3rd baby!  You would think I would remember some things, right?  Anyway... Monday was rough!  I honestly did not know if I could do this whole 3 kids thing.  I didn't know how I was going to function with no sleep and take care of 2 other young kids.   But God is good!!  Archer is sleeping much, much better and I feel like I can do this.  Archer is a perfect fit for our family!  I don't know... it's hard to explain, but we wouldn't be the Jennings family without him.  

So how are the big kids doing?  Hunter LOVES his little brother!  He holds him all the time and is always talking to him.  He is so excited that he is here!  He is also excited about teaching him how to play football one day. :)  Maggie is doing great!  She is so sweet to her "little bubba".  That is what she calls him, by the way.  She is finally sleeping better, too.  You see the day we brought Archer home, Maggie decided she no longer wanted to sleep in her crib.  She wanted to sleep in her big girl bed.  (Not the greatest timing, huh!) So she did not sleep well for the first couple of days.  It was bad, but she is doing much better!   

Hunter is in CO with Coach and Honey right now!  He will be back tomorrow.  He is getting to see lots of elk.  I am sure I will blog about his trip once he gets home and I hear all about it.  He is having a great time.  Maggie Moe is being spoiled here at home.  I have had so much fun playing with her and Ben has too.  She is so funny!  She says and does the funniest things.  I am so thankful Hunter is having a good time and that we are getting some special Maggie time, too.  
Look at that sweet smile! 

Ben and I are doing great!  I am back at HSU working with my awesome, fabulous cheerleaders!  Ben is helping a lot!  I love working with him.  He is the best!  Anyway... We have a game this weekend, HSU vs HPU!  GO COWBOYS!  It should be interesting how it goes on the sidelines.  Ben might be home with all 3 kids or we might all be at the game.  We will see how it goes. 

I will try to blog more later!  Have a great week everyone! 

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