Monday, August 6, 2012

Saturday's splash!

Saturday morning was the opening day of Nelson Splash!!  Woohoo!  We have been so excited about this splash pad and were ready for it to open. We weren't going to let sick kids stop us.  When we woke up on Saturday we had to make a trip to the doctors office.  Poor Archer and Maggie both had croup.  I thought about staying home with Maggie and Archer and letting Ben and Hunter go, but Maggie wanted to go so bad and Katie was going to be there!  So after the doctors visit we ran home to put the kids in their swim suits and made to the park just in time.  
Waiting for the water! 

Can you tell Maggie doesn't feel well? :(
Turn on the water!!!!!

Archer got out there a little bit.  I think he will like it better when he is feeling better! 
We were all REALLY excited to see Katie!!!  She was at the splash pad to see the grand opening.  We miss her!  I'm so glad we got to see her this summer!  I can't believe she is going to be in high school!  Crazy!  Isn't she pretty!!  Thank you Katie for visiting with us!!! You were the high light of our weekend! :)

I don't know if you were watching the news after the Olympics like we were on Saturday night, but I have to set this straight.  KRBC failed to report why and how we got this awesome new splash pad.  Personally I don't like to watch the news.  I would rather read it in the newspaper.  Anyway, back in 2011 a group of local businesses and organizations came together with the goal of improving Abilene.  Together 2011 did lots of different things all over the community.  Their icing on the cake was in raising $600,000 for our new splash pad!  Do you see that lady holding the water bottle?  That is Kim the former publisher of the Abilene Reporter News and the splash pad was her idea!  Thank you Kim!!!  And thank you Together 2011 for this awesome free, wet place for the kids of Abilene!
You can read about the new splash pad here

Yay for the awesome splash pad!!!  We will be back soon to play!! :) 
If you live in Abilene you should check it out!  

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