Friday, September 14, 2012

Insta-Friday IS BACK!!!

Yes, it has been OVER a month since I have had an insta-friday blog post!  Sad, sad day!  In fact, I have not blogged very much AT ALL in the past month.  Hopefully that is coming to an end.  We have been extremely busy around here, but with my 2nd week of school and my 2nd football game tomorrow I think I am getting the hang of this... maybe!  So anyway here is what we have been up to over the last month through my favorite app, Instagram! :)

Don't break the Ice banging, 

family visiting, 

miles running, 

HSU cheering, 

roommate visiting, 

jumpy jumping, 

baby loving, 

zoo visiting, 

jammy sammy eating, 

date night going, 

more running running, 

pep rally loving, 

snacky snacking, 

bed making, 

stunt building, 

football games watching, 

hardwood floor installing, 

1st day of school going, 

no pictures taking, 

pumpkin spice latte drinking, 

big boy loving, 

gator riding, 

goat petting, 

hot air balloon waiting, 

4wheeler riding, 

hot air balloon watching, 

head bumping, 

gymnastics training, 

cute boy modeling, 

outside picnicking, 

 and peanut butter play dough making.

We have been busy, but it has been good!  We are so incredibly blessed!!  
I'm so thankful it's Friday!  Have a great weekend, everyone! 

life rearranged

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