Friday, December 21, 2012

Insta-Friday: Elfie Edition

Elfie, our elf on a shelf, has been here since the day after Thanksgiving.  The kids LOVE him!  He is so much fun!  So instead of my normal InstaFriday, I thought we would have an elf edition so you can see what Elfie has been up to.  lol :) So much fun! 

These aren't all the Elfie pictures, but here are some. :)  

riding on our 'reindeer'

one of the kids favorites

ice cream, anyone?!?

just hanging around

we did have a little scare with this one!  elfie started hanging down a little bit!  the kids had to go away so he could fix himself. :) oops! 

ready for the count down to Christmas! 

another kids favorite!  don't worry, Logan told him to not drink anymore syrup! 

Snow angels

hunter liked this one, too! 

how did he fly up in hunter's tree while maggie and hunter were sleeping???  he must be a very quiet flyer!

having a hard time at school, maggie?  Elfie can help! :)

sitting with his princess

after watching the heisman award ceremony, elfie wanted a trophy of his own! 

Another fav!  roasting marshmallows

Elfie was glad we finally got our tree!

borrowing Minnie's scooter 


The REAL reason of the season. 


Elfie is a Jennings! 

Someone got into the M&Ms, however we took care of the mess!  Yum! 

Elfie hurt his knee while riding the zip-line and had to go to the hospital at the North Pole. :(  Sad day!  So Honey and Coach's elf, Ralph is taking his spot while we are in Gainesville.  (oops!! whatever works! lol) 

Our littlest Elf tonight playing in the kitchen! 

Hope you all are making sweet memories this Christmas!! 

life rearranged

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