Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Santa Claus 2012

It's that time again to go see Santa!!  Yay!  Just like we have done for the past 5 years, this past Monday was our annual trip to NorthPark to see the real Santa Claus! 

Last year, Hunter was super excited and Maggie was just happy to be going somewhere.  This year Maggie could not wait to tell Santa what she wanted.  

This year it was a little different in that we sent Daddy to the mall first to get our numbered ticket.  He got there right at 9:00 and was already number 28!  Honey, the kids and I arrived just in time for story time! 

Maggie listend to the first story, but then got a little distracted by the Disney Store that was a few feet away.  :)  Archer took a long stroll in Macy's during story time.  He is so funny! 

After story time we ate lunch at
Yum!!  Then it was our turn to see the big guy! 

Archer was a little scared at first but took a great picture!  Maggie got right up in his lap.  

Maggie telling Santa she wants a Sleeping Beauty bike for Christmas. 

Hunter telling Santa he wants a JJ Watt jersey and Texans football helmet with mouth guard. 

Santa telling the kids to go to bed on Christmas Eve and not to forget leaving him some cookies. 

We had such a great time making memories!  Here is our video of meeting Santa this year... please excuse my weird voice!  I was trying to get Archer to smile! lol :) 

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