Friday, March 1, 2013

Insta-Friday March

It's March!!! 
Who is ready for Spring Break??!?!  
With the craziness that is our life, can I just say spring break can not get here soon enough! 

So what did we do this week??  Take a peek...

Look who is letting me fix her hair!!!!  So excited... she wasn't so excited about the pic! :) 
Our Sleeping Beauty taking a Sunday nap. 

It was a beam day at gymnastics!!!  Go Maggie! 

There were a few snow flurries on Monday (none of them stuck... still haven't had any snow this year) so it was a lasagna soup night. 
getting my run in on tuesday

Maggie is the Hi Ho! Cherry-O Champion on Wednesday while...

Hunter is Davy Crockett

Sweet brothers jumping on the trampoline! 

3rd cup of much needed coffee on Wednesday! 
I got out the broom to sweep under the table and Archer went to get the Swiffer to help.  Such a sweet boy!!

Last day of February... Logged 40 miles this month!!!  My goal was 28.  What will March bring?? :) 

Today I had a full house of amazing kids.  We painted, played and jumped.  It was loud and crazy... and I loved every minute! :) 

In case you were wondering what I'll be doing tomorrow... Yes, GYMNASTICS is on tv.  Yes, the dvr is set to record. 

Bring on the weekend! :) 



  1. each of these pics are filled with such fun and excitement! yes, even the fitness pics! good for you for squeezing in time for sure are busy with your two littles!