Saturday, April 5, 2014

Busy, Fun Saturday!

Fun, Fun Saturday!! 
We had so much fun today!  We started off at the Diva Dash 5k downtown.  
Two of the sweet Moms from Maggie's dance class asked me if I would like to run in the Diva Dash a couple of months ago and I was so excited to run with them!  I really had a great time! 

Almost to the finish line.  It was FREEZING this morning by the way!  I couldn't feel my feet when we  first started!  I was excited to be under 25 minutes... even if I did cross at 24:58. Under is under, right!?

Next up was Maggie! 
Maggie and 2 her ballerina friends ran in the little princess run!  

She was excited to get a medal and a crown!  

What's a run without a little stunting!?!  Go Mags!!! 
We had a really fun morning, but boy were we tired!  It was time for naps! 

In the afternoon it was time for some birthday fun!  We went to Archer's birthday party at the Bug Lady's Science Academy!  Our kids loved it!  

We ended our day with bikes and sweet neighbors.  We had such a great day!!  What will tomorrow hold? 

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