Thursday, June 26, 2014

June Birthdays

We have two big birthdays in June!  Ben's birthday is June 11th and Hunter's is June 14th.  Last year Ben was in KS while the kids and I were in TX on his birthday.  The kids were super excited to be with Daddy on his birthday and they planned an evening with him filled with special things for all of us to enjoy. :) 

First thing on their list was marshmallow fight! 
So when he pulled in the garage this is what he found! 
The kids were hiding in the house armed with marshmallows!  It was a lot of fun! 

Next up was a family bike ride, run and stroll at the park! 

We almost always go to this hill and ride and run down it! :) 

Then we ate dinner at Ben's new favorite spot. 

After dinner we went home for some mini cheesecakes and presents.  Then it was on to Hunter's idea... 
Pie fight! 

It was really just whipped cream in round pans.  Maggie's job was to take pictures.  She and Archer did not want to get dirty! :)  We had such a fun day celebrating Daddy!!  Happy Birthday, Ben!! :) 

Next up, Hunter!!! :) 
I can't believe he is 7!  Where did the time go!  

Saturday morning he woke up to presents. 

And then Daddy took him to the fishing clinic!  He loved it! 
Ben had to be there for work and Hunter loves fishing.  He was only allowed to catch one fish, but he got to help lots of kids throw their fish back into the water.  

Oh and he got to hold some snakes! EEK! 

He had a lot of fun at the clinic!  

After lunch it was time to go to the movies with Daddy to see... 
They all loved it! 

Once they got back and we ate dinner it was my turn to take the big boy out for some fun! 

He had never played putt-putt before!  We had a blast! 

OH and he got a hole in one!!!!  What?!?  He's awesome!!! 

We love you, Hunter-man!!!  We are so proud of the you!  We can't wait to see what God has in store for you!!  But... could you maybe slow down a little bit?  You're growing up way to fast!!! :) 

His birthday party post is coming soon! :) 

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