Thursday, June 26, 2014


A few weeks ago we were Zapped by God's power at VBS and Day Camp at our church!  

Maggie and Archer went to VBS and learned a lot!  Maggie has been singing the songs like crazy!!  She has also been yelling, "God loves me BIG".  
I helped with Day Camp with Hunter, so I did not get any pictures of Maggie or Archer.  Archer was in childcare but got to do some of the VBS activities.  There were a TON of preschools at family night.  Can you see Maggie?  She was front and center.  I'm sorry for the odd outfit.  She was ready to wear a dress again.  All the kids had their Zapped t-shirt that they wore each day.  Let's just say I didn't want to fight with her on Friday night... she wore a dress under her shirt. :) 
Here is a short video of Mags singing her favorite song from Zapped...

Can you find her?  She's the one in the middle with the long dress. :)  

While the little ones were at VBS, Hunter and I were at Day Camp having a blast! 
I thought Hunter might need a break from me, so I helped with the 3rd graders.  He's so cute! 

The first day it rained most of the day.  Did I mention this is an OUTSIDE camp?  Yep... we got wet!  But guess what... the kids didn't care one bit!  They even liked swimming in the rain! 

Hunter was so excited his good friends, Parker and Preston were there and were in his group!  He couldn't wait to find them each morning!  He loves these two! 

So I didn't get to many pictures of Hunter and his friends.  I just got a few when my group and his group crossed paths.  I couldn't really see him during praise and worship, but I know he was rocking out!  One of our favorite songs from the week is this one...

If you play it, we will all get up and dance!  Ben, Maggie and Archer love it too! :) 
We talked a lot about Peter all week.  I think a lot of campers were Zapped by God's power and love.  

Hunter was really excited to ride the zip line!  
My group just happened to be at games right next to the "little dipper" so I was able to take a few pictures while he road the zip line! 

He Loved it! :)  
They have a "big dipper" that he will be able to go on next year. 

While he was having fun and learning more about Jesus with his friends I was with these awesome third graders! 
I had such a great week with these kids!!  They were so much fun!  I was so blessed by each one of them!  

Yes, that is correct... you do see a few sweatshirts!  It was cool in the mornings!  I even had on long sleeves a few days!  In this picture they were trying to put together their memory verse for the week. On Wednesday all of the kids in my group knew their verse so I did what I said I would... I did a back flip for them!  

We took a selfie on the last day!  Aren't they cute!  

Here is the Day Camp group on Family Night!  It was so, so much fun!  There were about 750 kids that attended Day Camp (or that is what I over heard).  Hunter and I did the morning session, but they also had an afternoon session, too.  Here is a little peek at worship during Day Camp.  You can't see Hunter, but he is in the yellow group on the far left side of the screen. 

We all had such a fun week at VBS and Day Camp! 
God is moving in Kansas!  I am so glad we all got to be apart of it! 

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