Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MLK Weekend

What a great weekend!!!
We had such a wonderful weekend this past weekend. We didn't know Daddy had the day off until he come home from on work on Friday. We were all so excited. Saturday was a much needed lazy day! We all slept late and hung around the house all day. Sunday started out ruff. We still haven't gotten used to have 2 kids on Sundays. We (mainly me) need to get up a little earlier. We made it to church but there was NO seats we worked in the nursery. (We can't wait to get into the new building!!) We always enjoy working in the nursery, but this Sunday we want to go to church!!! Then Sunday night we went over to the Etter's to celebrate Uncle Richard's birthday!! Happy Birthday Richard! We love you! It was so good to see our friends and Baby Owen!! So much to be thankful for!
Monday we got up and Maggie and I made blue berry muffins. She sat in her bumbo and smiled and smiled! :) Then we headed off to the park. While Maggie and I ran a lap Daddy and Hunter played at the playground. Then we all went to say hello to the prairie dogs. Hunter started to get hungry so we went back to the house to eat a fast lunch. Then it was on to the Zoo. Hunter loves the Zoo! And this was Maggie's first trip! She was awake most of the time. Hunter was NOT happy about leaving (he needed a nap!!!). He really wanted to play at the playground by the Zoo! As we were driving by to go home he said, "Look there is a spot right there! You can park right there and I can play". We didn't play. He was too tired! We ended our wonderful Monday be going to Lifegroup! It was our first meeting back since the Holidays and it was so great to see everyone! We are so excited about the new year and what the Lord has for us and our group.
We had such a great weekend! Thank you Lord for time at home with family and friends! Here are a few pictures from this weekend! :)

Hunter feeding the fish!
Maggie at the Zoo!

Hunter in Maggie's room.
Maggie in her bed smiling at Daddy!

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