Monday, July 19, 2010

Red River... here we come!

This past week we went to Red River, NM with Honey and Coach, Aunt Sarah & Uncle Craig, Kara & Mike, and Grammy Great!  We had a wonderful time!  Thank you so much Coach & Honey!  We had a blast!  Here is our trip in pictures...  Well the beginning of our trip anyway...

Hunter, Daddy and Coach left on Saturday morning.  They drove to Red River in 2 days.  They stopped to see the...

They went to the museum and watched a little video.  Hunter really watched the video and payed close attention.  Once it was time to hike around the volcano he didn't like it so much...

Just look at that sweet face... =(

He did manage to pee on the top of the volcano! 

Still not happy!!!

Maggie, Honey and I didn't fly out until Monday afternoon.  We couldn't wait to get there!

Once they got to Red River on Sunday afternoon, Hunter couldn't wait to get out of the car and RUN!

and find a "boom stick"(I think he gets the stick thing from his Uncle David!)...

And throw some rocks in the creek...

and watch some humming birds on the front porch.  

Maggie, Honey and I finally arrived on Monday.  During the day Hunter and Daddy made lots of memories together.  Coach had to go pick us up at the airport so it was just Hunter and Daddy!  They did a lot of wrestling on the bed, they road the ski lift, they played by the creek and went down a really cool slide.  They had a great time!! 

Well... I'll blog more when I can!  I have to take a little boy to the bathroom! 
More to come =)

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