Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vacay Day 2...

Tuesday started out a little rough... well for me at least.  Maggie woke up, count them... 6 TIMES that night!  I think it was a record!  Really!!  Anyway... Ben and Coach woke up early and went off to ride 4 wheelers!  They rode up 4th of July canyon, which is very rough, but they had a blast!  Hunter went with Honey to VBS at the community house.  It's kind of funny because I remember when I was young I went to VBS in Red River one week.  Hunter LOVED it!  I was also glad he got to go because we don't have VBS at our church at home.  He ended up going each day they had it and came home with a Bible the last day.  Now we both have a Bible from VBS in Red River!  Pretty cool... don't ya think! =)

After Bible school we all had to go...

Throw rocks in the creek!!!  Of course! 

Coach stood on the bridge and watched! 

This was the walk back to the cabin... Hunter would rather ride than walk! 

After a much needed nap it was time for...

horse back riding!!!!  Hunter woke up that morning asking if we were going to get to go ride horse today!  He was so excited, but he realized we had lost his cowboy hat!!!  We packed his black one but it was nowhere to be found!  So we ran into a store on the way out of town to get his hat! 

We are ready to go!!  This is Ursula by the way...

Here we go...
While we were riding Hunter's cowboy hat flew off!  He was so upset!!  So we stopped and the little cowboy who was leading us stopped and got it for him.  This guy had to have been no older than 12 and he was either related to someone who owned the ranch or was good friends with the owner, I'm not sure.  He was a local and we found out later that he is also a champion skier!  Anyway...  I think his name was Hank, but Hunter called him "the cowboy who saved my hat".  Hunter told everyone about him!  "The cowboy who saved my hat" is his hero!  He prays for him every night... still!! =)

Here's Daddy on the horse.  We didn't know this horses name =(

One last picture before we got off... oh and that's not the "cowboy that saved my hat" that's one of his friends! 

Bye Horses!!!  Later when we were leaving RR Honey asked Hunter what his favorite part of the vacation was and he said, "riding horses". 

While we were off riding Coach, Honey and Maggie went to the playground!  We stayed at the Riverside and they have a nice little playground.  In fact I remember playing on that playground when I was little.  Maggie LOVED the swing! 

Coach took her to swing almost everyday! 

When we got back we found them at the playground.  Hunter told them all about the horses and the cowboy and then went off to play himself! 

It's funny because I have pictures of me when I was a little girl riding these horses!  But umm... that smile is a smile of pain.  Boy did my hiney hurt!  Those horses are not made for big people! =)

There is Coach and Honey watching us play!  Here is something cool... Honey vacationed at RR with her family when she was a little girl and so did Coach!  They both have memories of being at RR when they were little kids!  Now Maggie and Hunter will also have memories of RR!  Thank you, Honey and Coach!!

Maggie just had to put on Bubba's cowboy hat!  
Ohh... and by they way she said, "Bubba" for the very 1st time that morning!!!

We ended our awesome Tuesday with a little dancin' at the community center!  Hunter LOVED it!!!  I will try to get Ben to put the video of him dancing up! This is us doing the hokey pokey.

you take your right arm out...

And guess who just happened to be dancing that night... Yep!  "the cowboy who saved my hat"  Here his Hunter with the cowboy!  He wanted to be where ever the cowboy was! =)  I love that little boy!! 

More pictures to come! 

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