Saturday, October 2, 2010

Long time no Blog...

I can't believe it has almost been a month since my last post.  I really did think about blogging a couple of times, but did not get a chance to really sit down and type.  Anyway... we are still alive and well at the Jennings house, just SUPER busy.  Football season is crazy for us, but we are loving every minute of it!

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks...
Hunter, Daddy and Grumpy went to the TEXAS vs Tech game a few weeks ago!  He loved it!  Doesn't he look old?!?! :(
They had a great time... While they were at the game Aunt Kelly was hanging out with Miss Maggie and me at the HSU game!  We had the BEST time with Kelly!  Come back soon!!!!  (I didn't take any pictures! :(  What was I thinking????)
Here is Mags playing outside.  She has a little strawberry on her face. :)  She is doing great, but she did get the stomach bug, again!  She and Hunter got it the day after the TX game.  It was no fun!  In fact it was just plain GROSS!  Anyway... she was sick all that next week.  I even ended up taking her back to the doctor and guess what... she lost another pound.  Looks like she will be turned backwards in her carseat for a little longer!  She is walking EVERYWHERE!!  It is so cute!  She is getting fast, too!  She is so tiny!  I can't believe she is walking that well! :)

School is going great for everyone!  Hunter is LOVING school!  He has so much fun and is learning a lot! He is all into his letters and loves show-n-tell on Thursdays.  Maggie is doing well, too!  She is eating better and taking naps at school.  She comes home with the cutest art projects! 

Hunter is also doing...
He goes to Awana on Sunday evenings and is doing great!  He had to learn his first Bible verse this week and picked it up soooo quickly!  Ben and I are really impressed!  I wish I could learn verses that quick.  He loves it!

I have been super busy with my cheerleaders. 
They are so much fun!  I LOVE my job!  We have had some lots of injuries lately.  :(  I am praying everyone is well for Homecoming in 2 weeks.  Todays game the girls did awesome!  I am so proud of them!! 

I have also been busy with my Octopus class at Beltway.  I have some really cute and fun 2 year olds!  We have a lot of fun!  And I am LOVING keeping Logan on the days he comes to our house.  He is the cutest little guy!  He and Maggie are all over the place!  They are so funny and such sweet babies!! 

Ben has been super busy at work... well this past week has been better, but he is still busy.  Next weekend he has to go on a business trip, so that should be interesting!  I am sure he will have a good time, however we will miss him here at home!  

Well I think that is it for now... I'll try to do better!  

Happy Fall everyone! 

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