Monday, October 11, 2010


Do you remember this sweet little boy???
This was taken the first week of April making him about 9 1/2 almost 10 months old...
Well Thursday night we finally got Maggie's naked fridge pictures.
Okay so really she was just in the fridge when Ben remembered Hunter's fridge picture... so well we had to do it! :)  

Hunter has been playing a lot of football lately!  He LOVES it and wants to play it ALL the time.  
He plays football outside, in the playroom, with his animals, in the tub, and while the football game is on tv.  He is too cute!  We love you Hunter-man!!!!
One more picture of the football player!  He is wearing his elk shirt because it was "E" day at school.  He also brought his elk with him for show-n-tell.  He is LOVING school!  This past Thursday a fire truck came.  He was so excited that it was truck number 6 because he knew that truck was Tony's.  He is right, by the way!  Tony does work at station 6, but for some reason Tony didn't get to come.  When I asked him about it he said, "I was sad Tony wasn't there, but I got to meet Tony's firefighter buddies."  He is so funny!

Sweet Maggie is into everything... and I mean everything!  She is super fast walking!  And she has been opening all the drawers and unrolling all the toilet paper.  So if you come to our house... the toilet paper roll in on the counter.  Hunter never really did any of this, by the way! :)
She still likes bugs, but she hasn't eaten any on my watch!  Sorry Mags! 
Here she is about to do her press handstand!  She's gonna be a gymnast!! :)
She is very independent.  She likes to play by herself... well by herself but in the same room as Hunter!  She is always busy doing something.  So sweet!  And she has a thing for bananas.  She LOVES them!  She said "banana" with the b sound about 2 weeks ago.  She mainly calls them "nanas" and this morning at breakfast she got a little upset that we didn't have any. :)  She is the sweetest baby!  I love you Maggie Moe! 

Sorry this was such a random post.  It's homecoming this week!  Yay!  And Maggie's birthday next weekend!!!!  I can't believe she is almost 1!  It's crazy!  

Okay... I need to head to bed so I will be able to get through this week! Have a wonderful week, ya'll!  

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