Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Let's go to the Zoo!  Last Wednesday I took Hunter, Maggie and Logan to the Zoo and boy did they have fun... and I did too!  It was such a beautiful day!  Hunter could go to the Zoo everyday... so I thought it would be good to get us all out of the house!
Here they are about to enter... Hunter has a really goofy pose! :)  And I really thought the babies might take a little nap on the car ride there.
Sweet babies!!!  See, don't they look tired!  Don't worry... they woke up! :)
Hunter will always stop for a picture on the "ladybug" as he calls it!  He was such a big help that day!  He really is the sweetest little boy! 
See they woke up to see the ducks! 
They really didn't sleep at all.  They both really liked the ducks the best... I think :)
Here is the picture of them riding from the window thingy!  So sweet!!!
Everyone SMILE!  =)  Hunter always sits on this bench and asks for a picture on the way out. 
What a great day at the Zoo!

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