Monday, December 20, 2010

Trouble... the elf :)

Hunter loved meeting Santa on Thursday... so here is the real story of our awesome Thursday.

Okay for those of you who have not gone to see Santa at North Park Mall in Dallas... it's kind of a big deal.  This Santa is awesome!  He has been in the Thanksgiving day parade in NYC, he is the Santa at North Park every year, he is known nation wide for being Saint Nick, and he teaches a "Santa school" in CO.  So when you go see him in Dallas you have to get a ticket early or you won't be able to see him.  So our goal was to leave the house in Lindsay by 7:30 Thursday morning.  We were rolling down the drive way at 7:34!!!  Pretty good! :)  Maggie got up at 6 am that morning, which is pretty early for that sweet girl.  She took a little nap in the car on the way there, but I was hoping she would sleep longer!  Anyway... we made it to North Park at 9:15ish and i was a little nervous because I wanted to be there at 9.  You see, they start giving out tickets at 9 am and last year we got there at 9:30 and was number 82!  This year we were 67!  Ohh yeah! :)

There just so happend to be a...
right next to Santa's house so we wasted some time looking at the Mickey stuff.  Santa has storytime at 10:30 so we needed to do something until then!  Maggie loved the Disney store!  She hugged and kissed a bunch of Mickeys and they had this castle she could walk in.  She loved it! :)  You know Hunter loves anything Disney.

Well then it was finally Storytime! 
Hunter was so excited!  We had pretty good seats too!  Maggie wasn't to interested.  She hung out with Honey during story time. 

waiting and waiting...

Maggie liked all the kids. 

There he is!!  Santa told 2 stories.  One was about Trouble the elf.  Hunter can tell you all about Trouble!  In fact Trouble has been calling us on the phone lately... "With a Knock, knock, knock and a stomp, stomp, stomp and a Santa, Santa, Santa Claus!"  His other story was about a dragon that came to the North Pole.  Hunter can't stop talking about it! :)

So then after storytime we ate lunch.  The kids were hungry and so were we!  Then it was off to a puppet show!  They have this puppet show with Scrooge.  During the show Hunter asked him if his name was on Santa's list.  Well it was and Scrooge told him Santa had down that he was going to be giving him socks. Hunter stood up and said, "I don't need any socks.  I want a tatar (guitar) and a new jersey."  Everyone laughed.  He will tell you about how that Scrooge was mean! :)  

After the puppet show is was Santa time!  Ohh Hunter was so excited!  Maggie was tired, but we wanted to catch him before he went on break.  
Maggie didn't know what to think.  She didn't really cry, but I think she would have done better if she wasn't so tired.  

Hunter talked and talked to Santa.  He told Santa he was going to leave chocolate chip cookies for him because they were Santa's favorites, and he told him he was going to leave apples and carrots for the reindeer.  Santa was so nice and sweet!  He asked Hunter what he wanted and talked to him about his reindeer.  Hunter was so excited.  He was jumping up and down afterwards. 

Then after we met Santa we had one more thing to do... Build-a-bear!  Hunter had never done that before.  He had a couple of bears from build-a-bear but has never gotten to do it himself.  So off we went...
He decided he wanted to make a Rudolph and Maggie wanted to girl reindeer, Clarice.  Here he is loving on the heart he put inside Rudolph.

Still with the heart

Adding the stuffing

Maggie loving on her reindeer!

Hunter gave both reindeer a bath.  He loved it!  In fact on the way home he said we needed to go back and give them another bath! :)

We had a great time and they both slept with their reindeer all the way home! :)

I'll be posting pics from our trip on the Poler Express next...

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