Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Guess what we saw today???

Yep!  Winnie the Pooh!  It was Maggie's first time to be in a theater and she did pretty good!  We went at 3 after a pretty good nap.  She watched some in my lap and then walked down the aisle a little.  We were the only ones on the row so it was okay.  She didn't bother anyone.  She did have to bounce like Tigger when he was bouncing. :)  So funny!  Over all she did awesome!  

I didn't get a picture of them during the movie.  We got in there a little late and I didn't want to take a picture during the previews.  So we took a couple of pictures with pooh as we were leaving.  

Hunter really liked the movie.  It was really cute.  For those of you with little ones, it's not near as long as Cars.  I would recommend not getting there right on time.  There are lots of previews!! 

Oh and when this came on...
Maggie yelled "Ga-Ga''!  Her word for Mickey!  We can't get her to say anything other than ga-ga for Mickey.

Thank you Honey for taking us!  And thank you Disney for making a cute, shorter movie for little kids.  We enjoyed it! :)

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