Monday, August 1, 2011

Houston! :)

Did you miss us??  Or did you even know we were gone? :)  Last week we spent the whole week in Houston!  Yay!  The kids and I both are adjusting to no Daddy during the day.  It was so nice that he was off last week.  It was sad to see him leave this morning. :)  

We had a wonderful time in Houston!!!  So what all did we do???  LOTS!  It might take me a few posts to tell you about it all!  But to start off we left last Saturday around lunch time and made it to Houston in time for dinner.  The kids did pretty good in the car!  We made one big stop and walked around for a little bit.  Sunday, we got to meet lots of Nana and Grumpy's friends.  We had a great time meeting and seeing people we haven't seen in a while.  I personally enjoyed seeing Miss Janet! :)  Anyway... Then on Monday we went here...
Have you ever seen real dinosaurs??  This was my first time! 
Hunter was really impressed!! 

Here he is with Nana looking up at a big dinosaur!  
Me and Mags :)  She was roaring at them! 

Okay do you remember this picture from 2 years ago at Mickey World??
Hard to believe it was 2 years ago! 

 They had to do it again!  This time in front of a real dinosaur!!  

Here I am with the kids... I know I am huge!  Less than 2 months until baby #3! (still no name... any suggestions???)

Hunter loved the dinosaur museum!  He wanted to see more dinosaurs, though.  He didn't understand that there just aren't a lot of dinosaur bone laying around.  I thought it was pretty awesome!  Our God is amazing!!  How did He come up with dinosaurs?  Wow!  

Okay... well I am trying to get our naps back to regular time, so I will blog more about our awesome trip later!  Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! 

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  1. we HAVE missed you! What a great trip. Glad you guys are back!