Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Zoo Day

Okay I am really going to try to blog more... so here it goes! 

Today we had a really great morning!!  We started off the day with sweet Logan!  He came over and played for a while.  He is so cute!!  Hunter and Maggie love him so much!!  Archer will love him, too!  It was so noisy in our house.  I love it!  They all played at the kitchen, played with the cars, and then of course ran all through the house.  Makes me so happy!  

After Logan left, we decided to load up and go to the zoo!  I haven't taken the kids to the zoo since Archer was born and I thought it would be fun to get out.  We had a blast!!  It was so nice!  A little windy, but oh so much fun! 

Okay, I know her eyes are closed but I had to show you who she brought with her.  Yes, Minnie made the trip too!  She has been going with us a lot lately.  Thank you, Miss Christina!  Maggie loves her Minnie!

One main reason why we had to go to the zoo was to see if Albert was still there.  You see, Hunter loves our alligator named Albert.  He is the first thing we always see. We were sad to find out that Albert has been taken to warmer place for the fall and winter months. :(

This is one weird (kind of scary) bird walking around in the inside bird exhibit.  I think Maggie could have walked up and touched it.  I didn't let her of course. 

You see!  It let us get close!  (a little to close for me)

Hunter loves the lions! He decided we were all lions today.  

He was the little lion chasing after a ball.  He ran all over his cage chasing that ball.  Hunter and Maggie loved it! 

It really is fall!!  They were stompin' in the leaves this morning!  And it was so windy, I bet there are even more leaves on the ground for the next time we go to the zoo. 

Archer enjoyed taking a nice nap at the zoo!  So sweet!  I know he will enjoy the zoo someday soon! :)

Thank you Lord for such a wonderful morning! 

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