Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat 2011

The trick or treat gang!!!

The princess Maggie as Rapunzel

The little puppy Archer
Hunter as Red Stick the Indian

Cowboy Caleb

Cowgirl Cailey

Hunter and Maggie getting some candy.

Maggie's first piece of candy!  She didn't go up and trick or treat much.  She just liked watching.  The times she did get candy as soon as they put it in her bag she had to get it back out and look at it.  :)

Hunter was a big hit in his buffalo hat! :)

Isn't Cailey the cutest cowgirl!!  She looked adorable! The other picture of her that we got didn't show off her outfit. 

And we will end with one smiling little puppy!  

We had a great time with amazing friends!  Thank you Ingrams for letting us come out and trick or treat with you!  We had a blast! :)

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