Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rainy morning at home

what to do on a rainy day...

we started our day out with a little cinnamon toast and mickey mouse clubhouse.  my kids are not morning people.  mickey helps us all wake up. :)

my sick little man played with his feet for a little while.  he does not feel well at all!!  bronchitis is no fun!  boo!! :(  

next up... playtime with some dinosaurs.  hunter loves these little dinos. 

sweet hands busy playing.  makes me happy!

a little peak-a-boo under the table with mags.  she loves her "ga-ga" pjs.  

and then it was off for a little minnie time.  maggie loves dressing her minnie mouses.  they are kind of like mr. potato head but minnie.  

archer ate a little breakfast and then tried to have fun in his swing.  he soon fell asleep and slept the rest of the morning.  poor baby!! 

next up... tramp time!  i love having the tramp on the porch!  we didn't stay out long because it was cold and rainy.  

maggie loves to jump!!


they stopped and posed for me!!!  they never do this.  i love this picture!  So sweet!!

more animal time!

 maggie watching the octonauts while i start lunch.  

hunter loves this new show on disney.  we don't really watch that much tv, but sometimes they need a distraction while i make lunch.

meanwhile this little guy was still sleeping. 

maggie decided she wanted to cook with me.  it's her new thing.  she comes up to me and says, "i cook, momma."  she loves sitting up on the counter to help.  sweet girly.  

so that was our morning in a nutshell.  ummm... yes the kids were in their pjs until after naps today.  maggie didn't want to take her mickey pjs off and i didn't want to make her.  it was nice to have a rainy day!  now if only archer could get well.  praying he gets some sleep tonight. :( poor baby! 

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  1. You're such a good mama! Love all the pics of those cuties!!