Monday, January 16, 2012

Sweet visitor

We had such a great long weekend!  Wouldn't it be nice if all weekends were 3 days longs?!  

Friday night we played games with some really great friends!  Then on Saturday Ben went hunting with a few of his work friends and the kids and I got a sweet visit from...
Katie!!  Doesn't she look so pretty!?!  The Nussbaum family came by Saturday evening to meet Archer.  Ben was really upset that he missed them!  It was so good to see them!  Katie ended up staying for a little bit.  She watched the kids jump, played catch with Hunter and watched a little Rio with Maggie.  She also held Archer a bunch.  She is such a sweet girl! We miss her!  I wish they lived closer!  I would be calling her to babysit.  By the way is there something weird about this picture...  Do you see Maggie?  She is smiling and posing for a picture!  Katie, you have to come back!  Maggie NEVER poses for a picture!  She was very happy to sit and smile by Katie! :)  Thank you Nussbaums for the sweet visit!  We miss you guys! 

Honey came into town on Saturday and spent the night with me and the kids.  It was really nice to have her here!  I had nursery duty at church during the late service and let me just tell you, I was reminded why we never go to the late service.  We LOVE our church, but if we go to the late service our Sunday afternoons are gone.  None of the kids took naps.  Everyone was sleepy... it just didn't work.  We love the 9:00 service!!  Never again will we do the late one.  Ben came home around lunch time.  We were so glad to see him.  He had a great time hunting even though he didn't shoot anything. 

Today Ben woke up with, "I had a dream."  He dreamed that he cleaned the shed and garage, so that is what he did today!  He worked for hours cleaning. (Can you believe it???  I wish he had more dreams like this!)  I really should have taken before and after pics because they look great!  Then we traded, and he took the kids while I went to the grocery store and to target.  We really had a great weekend.  The weather was perfect!  I am ready for spring!!  

Have a great week everyone!  

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