Friday, August 16, 2013


And... we FINALLY have the Internet!!  WooHoo! :) 

So it's been a while since I have blogged... so here's a peek into the last few weeks.

I got to hang out with these AMAZING girls before I made the move to Kansas!  Seriously, I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!!  I have missed them so much and we need to do this again SOON!! 

We got to swim with this amazing lady!  We love Chelsea!! 

Spent to much time at my parents... so my Daddy put me to work.  This mower is AWESOME!  If we had this mower when I was in high school, I would have mowed the lawn every day! :) 

We closed on our house on August 2nd!!!  
God is good!  All. The. Time! :) 
I went ahead to Kansas to get things ready before the kids came the following Friday. 
By the way, we had some AMAZING people help us move!!  We couldn't have done it without them!  

First run in Kansas! 
Some of you who follow me on instagram probably noticed I haven't been running as much.  Truth is my achilles tendon has been killing me!!!  So I've been trying to let it rest some, but hopefully I will be back to lots of miles in September! :)

My awesome hubby who HATES painting, painting Maggie's room pink! 
And yes all you Texas people, all of the trim around the doors are stained wood here in KS.  It's kind of weird... but I'm getting used to it. 

Utterly pink 

We were missing our babies like crazy while working on the house!  Sweet, sweet boy! 

Archer and Hunter's room striped red.  Hunter really wanted a red room... this is as far as I got.  I think a total red room would make us all go crazy! :) 

Meet the teacher... Can't believe Hunter is in Kindergarten!! 

Happy Birthday to me!  I had hinted to Ben that I wanted a James Avery Texas necklace.  I honestly didn't think he was really listening, but he surprised me with this!  
I will ALWAYS be a Texas Girl! 

Guess who lost their first tooth on the drive to Kansas???
I was so afraid I wasn't going to be with him when he lost it!  God is good!!  
He was so excited!!! 

Cupcakes for breakfast on the last day of summer??!?  I think, Yes! 

We have the perfect driveway for riding cars!! 

Hunter working on his homework to bring to school on the first day!  

Archer had to wear Peter Pan's hat.  Is he the cutest Peter Pan you have ever seen!?! :) 

1st day of school!! 
Okay so in Kansas they have half day kindergarten!?!  I know... kind of weird, but awesome!  He goes in the mornings and is loving every minute!  

More first day of school pictures!  Love that boy so, so much!!! 
Oh and another awesome thing about school in Kansas... Elementary school starts at 8:45!

Back to school tradition... baking chocolate chip cookies!  We do this every year!  So fun!! 

My sweet boy telling me all about school while the little kids took naps! 

Picnic time... okay so it has rained almost every single day I have been here.  We were so excited to get outside for a picnic on Wednesday! 

Baby monitor... I never used this when they were babies.  I didn't need them in our Abilene house.  I LOVE this here!  The boys are downstairs and this gives me peace at night knowing that I can hear them if they need me.  

WooHoo!!  Daddy put the trampoline together!  The kids haven't been able to jump since they left Abilene in early June.  They have missed this toy the most!

Painting with my littles!  
We have had the best week this past week doing little things like this.  Painting, play-doh, just hanging out as a family.  I love it! 

Hunter was super excited to ride the bus home on Thursday!!!  

And this morning I went to our awesome YMCA to workout.  This Y is amazing!  It has a water park in the back!  I think we are all going to love it!  

More about our move and new house coming soon.  
Have a great weekend, ya'll! 

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