Friday, August 23, 2013


Hooray for Friday!!!  
I am so thankful for Fridays now that Hunter is in school every day!  We have had a great week!  I hope you have too!  Here's a peek into our week...

This boy could watch his Daddy mow all day long. 

My stunting girl.  

Monday Hunter started riding the bus to school.  :)  He LOVED it! 

off to school! 

LOVE this sweet boy!!!

He's home!!! :) 

I LOVE to run.  LOVE it!!! Wish I could run EVERY day!  Praying my achilles heals quickly... I think I have tendonitis... it's painful... and so this is the only run I did this week. :(  TurboJam and Zumba at the gym instead. :(  Hurry and heal... I have a color run to run in October! 

We have this AMAZING park really close to our house!  So fun on Monday! 

Waiting for the school bus also known as the "cool bus."

I am enjoying every minute with my sweet kids!  Painting in the am with the littles...

painting in the pm with the big boy! So fun! :) 

back to school... back to school... to prove to dad that I'm no fool. 

Love. Love. Love. 

Going for a walk on Thursday morning. 

And yes, we took time to stop and smell the flowers! :) 

I forgot about all the awesome 2t clothes that I had hidden away waiting for Archer!  Thank you Hunter for the hand-me-downs! :) Archer is now ready for fall! 

Oh Happy Day!!!  Thursday we got our VAN BACK!!!!!  
We took it to the shop on August 6 to get it fixed from the crash by my sister-n-law on our Houston trip.  It was only 17 days with only 1 car... 17 days... 
Praise the Lord we have it back!!! :) 

Over an hour at Maggie's parents only preschool orientation on Thursday night.  They don't mess around here!  Meet the teachers is coming up next week.  

To celebrate a full week of school we headed to the pool this afternoon. :) 
Ending our Friday evening with some football and cheerleading!  Maggie got her toss hands tonight on the 2nd try!  Go Cowboys! :)

Have a great weekend ya'll! 

life rearranged

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