Friday, September 13, 2013

Insta-Friday :)

So it's been two weeks, but Insta-Friday is back!  
WooHoo for Fridays! 

Here's a peek at the last 2 weeks! 

Ballet and Tap shoe shoppin' with my girl...

can't believe it is birthday month for our littlest man!!! 
almost 2 years old... love my Archer-man! 

Zoo trip with Uncle David and Brooke!!! 
Some of our amazing family came to Wichita during Labor Day weekend!!  We were so excited for David and Brooke who drove all the way from LBK and for Nana and Grumpy coming from H-town! We had the BEST weekend!!  When are ya'll coming back????

Park time with Nana and Grumpy! 

back to school after a long, amazing weekend
Back to school for the Mags! 

1st day of school with no nap = 1 tired little lady! 

a little early morning chalk with my littles! 

Are you ready for some football????

Awana Club is back!!  This year Maggie gets to join in on the fun!  
We are Awana Cubbies we're happy all day long... 
(anyone else know that song??)

waiting for the "coolbus"to get here... 

Yummy Yummy pumpkin bread!  Bring on the Fall temperatures!! 
(I baked these hoping it would be cooler outside... looks like next week will feel more like fall.) 

Running... I LOVE IT and I MISS IT!  
So I have been trying to take it easy and let my achilles tendon heal.  Last week I only ran 2 to 3 times, walking during my run (I HATE walking while I run).  My foot was feeling great on Monday, so I went for a nice run on Tuesday and OUCH!  My foot still hurts today... Friday.  :(  Anyone know what I should do??  I'm seriously thinking about going to doctor, and I don't ever do that!  

snacks on the stairs... still LOVING the stairs... what did we do without them??

We got our new furniture on Saturday!!!!! WooHoo!!!! 
We now have somewhere to sit in the living room upstairs!!!  I LOVE them! 
And I love these boys too! 

First time to the farmer's market on Saturday and do I bring home any veggies or fruit... NOPE!  Just these lovely flowers that are still alive sitting on my kitchen table!  Tomorrow I'll go get some veggies... and maybe a few more flowers! :)

Bow making on Saturday during naps!  Maggie needs more bows! 

Ready for the game!  
However I don't think the Horns were ready for the game... 

Monday night football!  Go Texans!!!! 

1st day of dance class!!!  Maggie doing her curtsy!

So excited! 

Working on some homework! 

A princess game with my princess on Tuesday morning! 

Who doesn't walk on the "balance beam" on the way into school???  I mean, really? :)

My sleepy, sleepy kids!  Love them to pieces... now I wish they would all just sleep in their beds ALL night. :) I know... I will miss it one day!  

The park with Honey on Thursday! 
Honey has been here since Monday afternoon and we have LOVED having her!  No one wanted her to leave this morning.  We are counting down the days until Archer party when Honey and Coach will be back! 

Yay Hunter is home!!  No more school until Monday! :) 

Where is Maggie??  She is always falling asleep with a book these days.  Love it and love that sweet girl! 

We have football in the morning!!  Go Hunter!!  Other than that, I'm not sure what we have planned this weekend.  
Have a great weekend, everyone! 
So it's been two weeks, but Insta-Friday is back!  
WooHoo for Fridays! 

Here's a peek at the last 2 weeks! 

life rearranged

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