Friday, September 20, 2013


It's Friday!!! WooHoo!  We survived another school week! 
Here's a peek at our week... 
Our ballerina is LOVING dance class on Mondays! 
However, she did get a little upset that she did not get the PINK streamer to play with at the end of class.  You get what you get... unless you don't get the pink streamers and then you get really upset. :) 

So nice on Monday... but I have to say today, Friday, is even better! 

So excited to watch the trash truck on Tuesday... 
Watch out!  It's super exciting at the Jennings' house! lol :) 

Park after school on Tuesday!  Love. Love. Love playing with my kids! 

Oh the things we find on the way to and from the bus stop... sticks, rocks and roly poly bugs! 

Getting ready for littlest man's birthday!!!  
Can't believe he is almost 2!

Sleepy Sleepy kids!  Love them so much!  

Rain in the forecast for Thursday afternoon... so the park was a MUST Thursday morning! 

Watching the rain come down with my sweet boy!  He really liked watching our neighbors windsock go "Super high" during the storm. Love him!! 

Is this really happening??   

Missing the Hay family like crazy!!  Really want to facetime with you guys but I'm afraid I will cry the whole time. Throw back Thursday with the pool twins! (They have the same pirate towel.) Love you Logan! 

Windows are open and we are headed to a football game to watch my favorite Kansas cheerleader tonight!  It's gonna be a great day! 

We will be playing some football, watching some football and getting ready for Archer's birthday party this weekend.  What are you planning?? 
Hope you have a great one! :) 

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